WrocLOVE Geek Girls Carrots #37


What: WrocLOVE Geek Girls Carrots #37

Where: WedrowkiPub, Wrocław

When: 25.11.2016, 18.00

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18:00 – 18:15 – Introduction to GGC
18:15 – 18:35 – Beata Young – Leverage the crowd and take your idea global
18:45 – 19:10 – Kinga Witko – Tester -guard UI mobile applications 
19:20 – Networking


Beata Young

beata_youngBeata is entrepreneur from Poland as well an active figure in the startup scene generally and specifically working with women. I am Chairman and a cofounder of Mission ToRun, the startup community in Kujawsko-Pomorskie province, based in the city where Copernicus was born. Building on that innovative legacy, I am the local coordinator for women in technology group Geek Girls Carrots and am MD of the tech cafe coworking space Hanza Cafe from which I have mentored women and startups from around the region. Recently I have also been working on our latest startup HanzaTrade – a bilingual crowdfunding platform (English/Polish) with payment available in all currencies as well as Bitcoin. Originally the platform has been created as a means to help the local startup community gathered around the Mission ToRun ecosystem to gain funding. It has completed its first successful campaign with payments from Poland, Norway, Spain and Australia.

Kinga Witko

kinga_witkoA girl in IT. An experienced tester of web and mobile applications. Kinga works at PGS Software in Wrocław. She can ruin every application. She is interested in user experience and its implementation in making great applications. A fan of agile methodologies of software development, curious about novelties in astronomy and new technologies. She tweets about testing and promotes the science of software quality assurance. The presentation treats about non-functional testing of mobile applications, especially considering the differences between Android and iOS. It is also about user experience and user interface from a tester’s point of view.