UX Poland 2017

8th edition of UX Poland is comming


What are the latest trends in product and service design?
How to adapt the emerging technologies to be useful and to increase customer experience?

This year the UX Poland team wants to show more about interactions and new interfaces with their bounds.

They are bringing up a subject of a wide range of new way of interact with products and services. Worldwide experts will look at the experience of users in collaboration with new interfaces, and try to understand how these interactions involve and change.

Created by Hubert Anyżewski and Wiesław Kotecki in 2010 event, according to Smashing Magazine it’s also one of the most influential in the world. In 2017, it will be the eighth edition of UX Poland Conference.

Organizers have invited an amazing keynotes speakers – “the father of Visual Basic” – Alan Cooper, Marcin Treder – co-founder and CEO of UX Pin, and Matthew Luhn – story creator at Pixar. Besides, there will be 15th more speakers – great user experience experts from Google, Adobe, Lego, Cooper, Frog Design or IBM.

UX Poland will be held October 11th-13th, Warsaw.
More information here.

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