Third edition of Tech Leaders

Invest in Yourself… Why? Cause investing in yourself is the best thing You can do for yourself and others.

From November 2017 to March 2018 Women in Technology will organise the third edition of Tech Leaders. This is

a free mentoring program created only for women. It is a great opportunity to work and learn with mentors for several months.

The program is for women who want to develop themselves in IT and technology, think about starting their own business, code, who want to develop their own company, looking for their own career path or want to change their job.

Just choose

You can select a mentor from the list which is on the website ( ) and then send an application.

The program lasts four months. It starts in November 2017 and ends in March 2018. During this period you will be able to work with an experienced mentor on an important topic for you. The minimum is one hour, once every two weeks.

Program Requirements

Women in technology have 60 available places in Tech Leaders program. The program is free and only women can participate. Tech Leaders gives you an opportunity to work with experts that will help you in finding solutions to your questions and develop your career path during regular meetings (offline or online) in a variety of areas.

Expected program effects

Women in Technology want you to create your own project, get a better position at work, believe in your own abilities, change jobs, increase your programming skills or IT and technology knowledge. This is what participants in previous editions did.

Application to the program will be available on the website from 30th of October to 15th of November at:

Contact to organizers: