Seoul joined Geek Girls Carrots!

Hello, Here is the most dynamic technology City, Seoul in South Korea.

Seoul has 10 million population, almost they have smart phone and PC. (more than 95%).In Korea, Many of people has joined Start-up companies, they are making new service and items everyday. We can use all of new IT business service in here. Also, Many of girls are interested in IT industry these days, but it is hard to meet Woman mentor as working at IT companies. So we will introduce our activities and make a network.

Semi Park is the main organizer for Geek Girls Carrots in Seoul. Let us introduce her!

12249718_10206276898813783_3197857927104445507_nSemi Park working as Business Development manager for Nexon Korea (Online&Mobile Game company based in Korea, and Japan). She has involved to contract many mobile game developer (almost Korean and Japan). Before BD Manager, She was online game project manager for develop team and oversea publisher. She had interested in HTML as she was child, and after graduate university, she decided to join IT industry. She studied Business and Japanese in Korea & Japan, lived 3 years in Japan. She likes Scuba Diving and writing on blog.