Questions for MARIJKE WILMS – Interview



It all started:  From my childhood. My father played video games with me each evening on the computer and my dream was to make a game he would like to play.

Things that motivate me: The games, the art and the players in general.  Also my dev’s friends.

Things that interest me: The pre-production of a video game. The character design creation, the world, the art and story you can create.

To relax: I play video games of course.  I also draw, read, listen to music and go to the museums.

Favorite blogs: No blogs, but other video game dev’s twitter account.

A person from my branch who I admire the most: The character designer and developer, Tetsuya Nomura. He inspired me to do this job.

3 of my favorite electronic gadgets: My computer, my video game consoles and my Wacom Cintiq tablet.

Things I always take with me to the journey: A sketchbook

I recommend:  To go to Steam or Good old Games ( so you can try out and play the next and old generation of video games.
Also, there are a lot of great Artbooks on the market about the creation of a particular video game. My favorite one is the “Bioshock Infinite” Artbook