Questions for Ewelina Muc – Interview


You started a group on Facebook and then educational website Girls Who WordPress ( What was the source of this idea?

At that point of the time many women who were starting their first own business surrounded me. Most of them didn’t have huge budgets. Moreover, most of them needed website. Nowadays website is an obvious communication channel with your client.

I realised that in this kind of situation (almost no budget, need to have website) most of these women should learn elementary knowledge about WordPress. It just fits in such situations.

I have decided to start a group and answer by myself their basic question. Plus I started to encourage other girls with advanced knowledge to participate in the group. I knew from the beginning that this should not be one-man show and that I need to find girls who know more than I do.

Summarizing, the source of the group was that I noticed that many girls unfortunately do not know basic website tools (like CMS) and basic vocabulary about websites. I wanted to encourage them to learn and do new IT things.

Nowadays you manage your own studio Siedemtrzy ( How does your work routine changed? What are the pros and cons of ‘being your own boss’?

Everything is different. I’m still working on my daily work routine trying to make it better.

Cons let me think… When you work for somebody you don’t have to think so much about liquidity (no regular salary baby!), reputation of your company, marketing and your products. So the change is huge. I need to schedule my day to find time not only for website development but also for these elements.

The biggest pros – I do (finally) what I really love.

Another one – I can go for a long walk at 3pm or at 8am. Those are my favourite timings for an activity.

Thanks to WordPress and IT community I meet many great people. Working previously for others didn’t bring my so many new friends.

I can finally manage my projects the way I want it. I was very unmotivated when I used to work with bosses whose management skills and attitude were opposite to mine.

And it is really motivating when you have contacts and money thanks to yourself!


What is your greatest job related achievement?

Doing my first UX projects. I was kind of scary when I got an opportunity to lead my first UX project. I have many doubts: can I successfully deal (by myself) with developers, graphic designers and a client? And doing all that – can I still design a good user experience? After many hours of thinking I decided to give it a try. And it is great.

What websites or books would you recommend for a beginner if it comes to WordPress?

Great question!


Girls, first of all you need to believe in yourself. Books about programming, WordPress can be scary if you open it on the wrong page for the first time (many programming lines of code…)

Read this one and keep on doing what you love:

Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead


Then when you believe in your inner power try the most basic level of WordPress. For example:

Witold Wrotek, WordPress ćwiczenia praktyczne


Then go to the closest and the biggest bookstore and look for another one. There are at least 20 books in polish about WordPress. Pick the one that fits you. Really.


Websites. There are thousands of websites. When you learn and hove problem try first to Google things. I wrote an article about looking for answers about WordPress and you might find it helpful (


Websites for particular problems in WordPress are listed on Baza Linków on (

And always remember – don’t be scared to make mistakes.

Could you suggest any meetings or workshops where you can learn more about WordPress?

WordUps and WordCamp in Poland and all around the World. WordUp is the local meeting and WordCamp is the global meeting of WordPress fans and freaks 🙂

I try to track all meeting in Poland. You can find them on GirlsWhoWP calendar website (

Thank You 🙂


Marta Buriak