New Delhi joined Geek Girls Carrots!

New Delhi, the capital of India, has an alluring charm, a unique diverse culture and a history to be proud of. With the dozens of languages, ethnicities, and agendas that coexist here, the city is extremely fascinating. It is today also a global hub for fashion, media, business, manufacturing and technology.

In fact, technology here is changing at a pace never seen before and is intricately linked with the new wave of entrepreneurship sweeping across the country. India is going through unprecedented transformation as a nation. It’s turning into a product economy from a service economy. It is the next big frontier for the biggest technology companies thus presenting a plethora of opportunities for all, including women.

Women have vastly been underrepresented in the tech sector and this is where GGC comes in. The Delhi Chapter aims to help women fight the significant barriers that remain for women and girls in the technology sector. We strive to empower, connect, and support the next generation of women leaders in this sector.

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Vandana Gupta is the main organizer of Geek Girls Carrots New Delhi

Let us introduce her!

vandana3Vandana is a branding-marketing professional, currently an aspiring entrepreneur. She holds a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and an MBA in Communications Management. She has worked with one of India’s fastest growing FMCG companies as a Brand Manager and has also headed Strategic Alliances for the country’s largest online food ordering aggregator. Like a true Aquarian, she loves to mingle with people from all walks of life. Her interests include travelling, reading and photography.

If you would like to become a co-organizer, partner or speaker in our meetings, please contact: Vandana Gupta, +919910039851 or