Kamila Stępniowska – ex-COO at Geek Girls Carrots, inspires!


Kamila inspires! She is an extraordinary role model for many women. She encourages them to do great project and work in IT.


kamila stepniowska

Kamila Stępniowska was a COO at Geek Girls Carrots (May 2012 – June 2015).

Let`s read what she achieved.

As COO of GGC Kamila had an influence on the organization’s mission, vision and structure. Her main contributions are educational programs & global growth. She is the inventor and coordinator of Django Carrots and Code Carrots programming workshops in the U.S., Canada, Europe. In 2013 she moved to the U.S., where she was responsible for the creation of local chapters and fundraising. She had a significant role in Geek Girls Carrots chapters in New York, Berlin, Seattle, Łódź, Warsaw, London, and Tokyo.

Together with Geek Girls Carrots, Women Who Code and ChickTech, Kamila developed and co-organized the biggest women career in tech oriented conference in the Washington area – ACT-W Seattle. Her experience involves partnerships with companies and organizations such as Facebook, Mozilla Foundation, Google Developers Group, Intel, General Assembly, WeWork, Python Software Foundation and many more.

Currently she is a COO & Partner at Linque Solutions, an Advisor at She’s Coding and public speaker.

As a PhD student, Kamila researched an open source programming project at Chair of Sociology of Culture, Institute of Sociology (University of Warsaw).

Amateur photographer, Japanese culture fan, runner. Currently based in New York.

@kstepniowska // https://www.linkedin.com/in/kamilastepniowska