Impact the world – start programming! (in Python)

  • When: May 20 · 2:00 PM
  • Find out why to use Python

–> write your first programs for every day use
–> work on your own project with real-time support of a tutor
–> see for yourself coding is powerful, creative and fun
–> hear stories of successful companies where Python is used in high-volume data and speed-critical situations
–> get a list of resources to deepen your knowledge after the workshop
–> get motivation to develop software and kickstart your new adventure in tech

Tutor: Aleksandra Sokolowska 
a phycisist currently doing a PhD at the Institute for Computational Science, University of Zurich. She specializes in the field of computational astrophysics, which utilizes high performance computing and requires supercomputers in order to perform complex calculations. The simulations generate large volume of data, which she then analyses and visualizes with Python libraries as her favorite tools.

Support tutor: Diana Flores Diana studied Computer Science at the universities of Budapest and Amsterdam. She has been working on test and build automation, programming scripts to get the job done: to process dozens of input files, fast, without human error, several times a day.