How to get your message into a self-published book

It all started when I crash landed at the bottom of a black hole. I had a massive burnout. Time had come for me to start living life at my own terms.

Things that motivate me are people who believe in themselves and take action to accomplish their dreams.

Things that interest me: health, personal improvement, travelling and family time.

To relax…. honestly, I suck at this! But I always do a centering excercise before I fall asleep.

Favorite blogs:

A person from my branch who I admire a lot is Bob Proctor and Tony Robbins.

3 of my favorite electronic gadgets: my iPhone, my iPod and I wish I had an iPad.

Things I always bring with me when travelling: my iPhone, my camera and running shoes.

I recommend these books: How to get from where you are to where you want to be – Jack Canfield; and Think and Grow rich – Napoleon Hill. I also recommend everything with Bob Proctor, many of his teachings can be found on YouTube; check out Bob Proctor – Setting Goals, or The Science of Getting Rich. Good stuff!
Be all you can be!
Annica C. Törneryd
Founder of ACT2exceed