Geek Girls Carrots Luxembourg #5

Please join us on Tuesday December 9th at Level 2 for #5 Geek Girls Carrots Luxembourg meeting.
The meeting will be held in English and it’s free >>


19:00 Registration

19:15 Welcoming speech

19:20 “Evasion from cyberspace and post digital creation” by Serge Ecker, CEO / Creative Director at Grid Design

19:40 Q&A

19:50 Dr. Patrice Caire, Research Associate at SnT, University of Luxembourg

20:10 Q&A

20:15-21:00 Networking

21:00 After party and more networking at Bouneweger Stuff…



Serge Ecker


Born in Luxembourg in 1982, where he grew up and finished secondary school in 2001 as a graphic designer. Went to Nice (France) to study film and special effects at the ESRA. After graduating in 2005 he spend 2 years working in Cologne (Germany) for Blanx a post-production and 3D animation studio from where he returned to Luxembourg in 2007 to work for Ballinipitt Architects and Urbanists. In 2008 Serge founded GRID Design a small company producing visualizations, design counseling and 3D printing. In parallel to his professional carrier he always felt the urge to do research and be active in an artistic way. Since 2010, he is able to develop these 2 areas in parallel while living in Luxembourg and Berlin.

Here is his latest creation Melusina of Lxuembourg.
Dr. Patrice Caire 


Partice Caire has a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Luxembourg. Today she is a Research Associate at the Interdisciplinary Center for Security and Trust (SnT) at the University of Luxembourg leading three projects. Conviality and Privacy in Ambient Intelligence Systems, where she introduced Niloo – a Robotic Care Assistant,  Tradeoffs between usability/conviviality and security in the Ville de Luxembourg (a Ville de Luxembourg funded project) Builiding Intuition into Home Operating Systems (a project with POST Luxembourg: SmartHome partnership).  Previously she ran a 3-year project with the City of Luxembourg on the topic of conviviality in digital cities, based on actual cases provided by the city. She is a member of European Network for Social Intelligence (Sintelnet), IEEE, ACM.
Read about Niloo-project here:
Come and join us, learn and have fun!