Get to know Geek Girls Carrots Amsterdam


Hello carrots,

We want to invite you to the first Geek Girls Carrots Amsterdam event.  ****************************************************


18:15 registration, drinks

18:30 First talk, Marta Marszal

19:00 Break, talks&drinks

19:20 Second talk, Dorota Cieślińska 



We are happy to announce our speakers !

Marta Marszal

In this talk, based on case studies, Marta will showcase how to harvest the power of visuals for concept development, implementation and marketing of IT products and services.

14435419_1775688832687917_4623077389572470798_o„Architects (not software architects, but the ones that design buildings) face a huge challenge in their daily work – they are trying to sell something that doesn’t exist yet. At the beginning the final product, the building, is only an idea. This creates the need to find creative ways to explain what this product (building) will be like. Architects use all kinds of visuals at every stage of the design & execution process. Developers have an even bigger challenge, since the systems they are developing are abstract and more complex than a building, but they still need to explain concepts & ideas. Born and raised in Poland & Germany. After studying architecture in Zurich, Switzerland Marta moved to Istanbul Turkey to work for 4 years as an architect at an interdisciplinary design office . After this experience, and much disappointment in the architecture industry, she founded Remember to Play, which started as a one-man-show. In the meantime Marta worked and lived in Bangkok, Thailand and eventually moved to Amsterdam to grow the company.


Dorota Cieślińska

Considering becoming a mom? Why not change a career to IT as well!

14305346_1775728992683901_5171185895843920380_oWeb developer, mum and a former lawyer in the civil service. Tired of politics I’ve started a family, transitioned to software development and moved to the best European country for both programmers and families – the Netherlands. All within 6 month! Recently I gave birth and found that it changes perspective in most unimaginable ways. The schedule will follow soon. More info about place: