Geek Girls Carrots Tricity #37

4th Birthday!

When: 12.12.2016, 6pm

Where: Pomorski Park Naukowo-Technologiczny, PPNT Gdynia

We invite you to join us for the upcoming, 37th meeting of the Geek Girls Carrots Tricity community. This time it’s going to be a special, birthday meeting. It’s already fourth anniversary of GGC in Tricity. We are very grateful for your time spent with us so far. Over the last year a lot has happened and during the meeting we want to thank everyone who contributed to the community and helped it grow stronger. In 2016 we held 5 meetups, where 19 speakers shared their experiences.

Our December meeting will be a perfect opportunity to get inspired and make new contacts. Four speakers, four topics, tons of interesting experiences. Of course, there will also be some birthday treats and networking – inseparable part of our meetings.

During the anniversary meeting we are going to learn about effective building lasting relationships with partners. Furthermore, one of the speakers will introduce the topic of digitalization in HR and speak about apps changing employer-emloyee relations. If you want to know how companies use marketing communication and build a strong brand, you have to join us. Last but not least, you’ll surely be intrigued to know some trends in UX, which we should pay attention to in 2017.

See you on December 12 in Gdynia!