Geek Girls Carrots Zurich #8

Girls expeditions, UX and…

When: 15 November 2017, 6:30 pm
Where: Impact Hub Zurich Viaduktstrasse 93, 8005 Zurych
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18:30 – Introduction

18:45 – Talk by Marijke Hebermann “Inspiring Girls Expeditions”

19:05 – Networking

19:20 – Talk by Kate Rageth „UX is more …”

19:45 –Talk by Sebastian Gerlach „The truth about Code Reviews”

20:10 – Networking

“Inspiring Girls Expeditions” by Marijke Hebermann

Inspiring Girls Expeditions are unique, FREE, wilderness science education programs for high school girls. Each summer a team of 9 teenage girls and 3 instructors spend 12 days exploring and learning about glaciers and the alpine landscape. They conduct scientific field studies with professional glaciologists, mountain guides and artists. Marijke will tell stories about the program, and she will talk about the impact the program has on her and fellow instructors.

About Marijke:

Marijke is a software engineer in SAP-related fields. She has a masters in physics from ETH and studied glaciers for her PhD. Understanding snow and ice through models was her entry point into programming. She brought Girls on Ice to Switzerland to help girls build self esteem, become climate advocates, and discover opportunities in STEM.





„UX is more …” by Kate Raget

UX strongly focusses on the user but what does that mean in the daily life of a developer? I will shed some light on the professional field in my talk and present a selection of the most common methods in brief. UX is not an exact science but a perfect set of methods to build better software in an agile world.

About Kate:

Kate is a UX expert and an agile product manager. She worked for a long time in the IT and has a broad experience as product-manager. Her main focus is a good intermediation between the different worlds of users and developers. Kate holds an MAS in Human Computer Interaction Design. She currently runs her own startup OPcheck in order



“The truth about code reviews” by Sebastian Greulach

Code reviews are a simple tool to ensure developers produce good quality code. Although the technique has many advantages, it can be difficult to put in practice. Sometimes reviewing code is even seen as total time loss. – That can change!

Maybe you are thinking about doing Code Reviews, or just want to get confirmation that it is the best thing you can do. This presentation gives you a catalog of best practices and experiences with reviewing code. Empower your team and foster a positive development environment. You will see – it is easy.

About Sebastian:

Sebastian is a project manager and senior developer at Encodo Systems AG in Winterthur. He loves coding and creating good quality code. Therefore, he is looking for the processes that enable developers to produce quality work. As a clean coder, he tries to practice as much as possible in coding dojos.