Geek Girls Carrots Trójmiasto #39

WHEN: 10.04.2017, at 18:00

WHERE: Gdański Inkubator Przedsiębiorczości STARTER, ground floor


The mission of the community Geek Girls Carrots is to promote women in IT, networking and self-development and encouraging women to take on challenges in industries related to new technologies. Our upcoming meeting is going to bring a huge dose of motivation and vast knowledge about the IT world. If you are dreaming about changing your career path, drop by to listen to Agata Kulbicka tell her story of making a dream come true and being able to say: „I am a programmer!”.  The second speaker is Karolina Wrońska – she will tell us about workflow in an IT team, and why can it be described with the classic motto „one for all, all for one”. Last but not least, we will introduce you into the world of hostings, servers and systems. Do not worry if you have no idea about the above mentioned, our guest – Wojciech Babicz from will have you acquainted with this topic. As usual – between the talks there will be time to get to know each other and network with a nice cup of coffee at hand.

What will I gain:

  • Access to knowledge, stories of 3 speakers
  • You will learn how to pick a suitable hosting for your very own project.
  • Know-how, a lot of the latest trends and ideas related to working in the IT branch.
  • You will learn how to get started on your way to IT.
  • The opportunity to establish new business relationships.


18:10  I will be a programmer, no matter what. Or – how not to give up on your way to achieve the goal.  Agata Kulbicka


19:10 One for all, all for one – how does the cooperation between a designer and developers team, product owner, scrum master and stakeholders look like. And how much time may it take to deliver a button.  Karolina Wrońska

19:40 Choosing a hosting – what the hosting companies do and do not tell us? Wojciech Babicz



Admission to the meeting is free thanks to the cooperation with our partners, who support the business community. In case after signing up you will be unable to attend the meeting, please let us know at following email address: Knowing the number of attendants is crucial, as we can prepare the appropriate amount of seats so that everyone can participate in comfort .

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