Geek Girls Carrots Toruń #14

Introducing crowdfunding and how girls with passion win startup competitions!

28th October in Torun will mark our XIV meetup dedicated to women who love new technology!

Venue: Hanza Cafe, Piekary 28, 6pm CET; Free Admission


GGC Agenda:

18:00 Meeting and greeting at Hanza Cafe – Beata Romańska,GGC Toruń Organizer

18:10 Krzysztof Czubak

18:30 Sylvia Dziuba

19:00 Networking and “must attend” afterparty


Our first speaker will be Krzysztof Czubak, Developement & Brand Specialist of Krzysztof will explain the concept of social funding and his activity on his crowdfunding platform.

Afterwards we will have a chance to meet Sylvia Dziuba, who has recently began her journey in the tech industry. A serial entrepreneur, her chance attendance at Startup Weekend Melbourne led the creation of her Virtual Kitchen Showroom startup  See My Kitchen which was the outright winner of the competition from 37 pitches:

Dave Scheine, Director of Yelp Australia said „This is a real business, solving a real problem.”

Sylwia will talk about „My way to winning startup weekend in Malbourne” which she has achieved while managing 4 teenagers! A lifelong bibliophile, she has lived in Australia since she was 12 and is a passionate autodidact, having carved her own unique career path ranging from Fashion Design through retail to marketing and indeed “everything in between” as she notes on her c.v. A serial entrepreneur with 3 clear successes to her name, her quest for constant improvement is matched with a passion for business success.

Everybody is welcome at GGC – women in tech and their friends!



Beata Young

m. 697 847 347