Geek Girls Carrots Szczecin #21

What: Geek Girls Carrots Szczecin #21
Where: Bar Czysty, Szczecin
When: 02.02.2017, 17.15

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Hello Carrots! We invite you to join us for the upcoming, 21st meeting of the Geek Girls Carrots
Szczecin community. We’ll talk about learning programming. See you on 2nd of February in Szczecin!


17:15-17:30 – Registration
17:30-17:40 – Introduction to GGC
17:40-18:00 – Daria Wadas-Modrzejewska – “From engineer to designer”
18:00-18:20 – Break for a beer and carrot cake
18:20-18:40 – Agata Walter – "From designer to the frontend developer"
18:40-19:00 – Katarzyna Witkowska
19:00 – Networking


Daria Wadas-ModrzejewskaDaria Wadas-Modrzejewska – For years she has been working as a graphic designer in the gaming industry – Pixelated Milk with well-known project – Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs which gain more than 40 000$ on Kickstarter. In her free time she creates MossaTerra – miniature ecosystems enclosed in glass.




Agata WalterAgata Walter – Graphic designer with ten years of experience, who persuade by her friend decided to turn 180 degrees and learn programming. After ups and downs in the self-study, overwhelmed by a tone of books and hundreds of open tabs in the browser, she has decided to spend three months to complete frontend developer bootcamp, run by Kodilla. Currently, as the result, she is an intern at one of the leaders of the Polish e-commerce –




Katarzyna WitkowskaKatarzyna Witkowska – Founder and CEO of IT Cluster – organisation, which associates almost 100 of the most active companies operating in the Western Pomerania. For many years she was a  project manager in Szczecin Science and Technology Park, currently she is leading the development department of Technopark Pomerania. She initiated events, which promote entrepreneurship in technology. She is cooperating with: the Department of Education, the Centre of Teacher Training, Rails Girls Szczecin and postgraduate studies of programming computers at ZUT.