Geek Girls Carrots Seattle Startup it! meeting

When: Wednesday, September 10, 20146:30 PM to 9:30 PM
Where: Makerhaus, 122 NW 36th Street, Seattle, WA (map) 

Check in at the front dest and the lovely team at Makerhaus will direct you to us.

„Startup it!” Carrots’ meeting is for everyone interested in building own startup developement or joining to existing one, looking for knowledge, inspiration and networking!

Please join us Wednesday SEP [email protected]. Come out to learn and have some fun!

This time we will host a special guest from NYC. Tytus Cytowski – successful entrepreneur, lawyer and founding partner of  Cytowski LLC, an international law firm with offices in New York, Silicon Valley and Poland. Tytus will share his knowledge and experience in building successful startup. The first speaker Monica Simone Houston – freelance web dev – will share her story how became successful programmer, maker and Startup Weekend Women Seattle & Jigsaw Renaissance organizer. This time we will also host a short presentation about RI/O BOT – robot and startup – by Budi Mulyo

Here’s the run down:

6:30 pm – Makerhouse tour

7:00 pm – Welcome and Geek Girls Carrots Introduction by Sanda Htyte & Kamila Stepniowska

7:10 pm – “Pitching time” – ONE MINUTE for your idea!*

7:15 pm – Monica Simone Houston – „Just Dive In: Zero to Developer”

7:45 pm – Tytus Cytowski – „Abc of building a successful startup”.

8:15 pm – Budi Mulyo – Let’s meet RI/O BOT!

8:20 pm – Networking (snacks and drinks provided).

*INFO ABOUT PITCHING TIME: Do you have an idea for a start-up, would like to share an idea you are excited about, or need helping solving a problem with your project? “Pitching Time” is the moment when you can do that! Just send us ([masked]) one slide presentation about it. We will send you some useful tips how to prepare for a pitch and we will give one minute to present it during pitching time. You can also just present your idea even if you didn’t send it to us beforehand.


Monica lives on a sailboat in Seattle, WA, where she works as a freelance web dev. In her free time she enjoys researching emerging technologies, sailing, and skiing and snowboarding. She also organizes Seattle’s Arduino Meetup and serves on the board of the makerspace Jigsaw Renaissance.


Tytus Cytowski is lawyer and founding partner of Cytowski LLC (www.cytlaw), an international law firm with offices in New York, Silicon Valley and Poland. Tytus has ten years of experience as lawyer and six years as a successful entrepreneur.

Tytus started off as a Wall Street lawyer, but decide he wanted to be entrepreneur and lawyer. Tytus began his entrepreneur adventure by assisting tech companies in New York City, which he scaled into a boutique law firm that grew slowly to three offices, won client appreciation and landed matters from numerous clients. Along the way he read Steve Blank’s The Four Steps to Epiphany, which provoked him to embrace customer discovery, user experience, product development and design thinking.

As a lawyer and entrepreneur he has been involved in the formation, financing, operations, hiring and growing of technology companies in the US and Europe. Tytus knows the world of builders, makers and creators both from the perspective of founder entrepreneurs as well as investors, who he regularly represents. Tytus has an optimistic American outlook and a talent for identifying global trends and hot startups. His involvement in the startup space includes mentoring at accelerators in Europe and annually speaking at tech events.

Tytus finished Harvard Law School and Warsaw University in Poland. He is admitted to practice as a lawyer in New York. His specialty is technology, venture capital and cross-border startups.