Geek Girls Carrots Seattle #1

You’re invited to the very first Geek Girls Carrots Seattle meeting!

Geek Girls Carrots  is a community for women interested in IT and startups. We bring together female admins, analysts, application architects, developers, graphic designers, IT managers, programmers, social media specialists, system architects, women with start-up ideas, computer science students, and anyone starting their adventure with IT.

Our group is designed for women with passion, knowledge and hunger. If this describes you, join us Wednesday, January 22nd  to learn, teach and meet new people!

When: 7 pm, Wednesday, January 22nd

Where: Ada Developers Academy (1301 5th Avenue #1350, Seattle, WA 9810, 13th floor).

Participation in the meeting is free. If you would like to attend the event, just RSVP on Facebook!


7:00 pm – Welcome and Geek Girls Introduction from Co-Founder Kamila Stepniowska

7:15 pm – Colette Taylor – “Always Evolve: The path of a Luddite to a Programmer”

7:45 pm – Kerri Miller – “You Can’t Miss What You Can’t Measure”

8:15 pm – Networking

9:00 pm – After party

I am excited to welcome two special guests, Colette Taylor and Kerri Miller, to our first Seattle meeting.Please read more about our guests and their presentations:

More about our speakers:

Colette Taylor has made it her mission in life to never be bored. With this goal, she has been a world traveller, competitive barista, master beekeeper, professional crafter and Molecular Biology Researcher, but always always a student. She discovered coding and Ruby on Rails in June of 2013, and a new adventure began, with all the experiences of her past to help, she has launched into the life of a Developer with fervor and passion, always ready fot her next adventure.

Kerri Miller is a Sr. Software Developer and Team Lead based in the Pacific Northwest. She has worked at enterprise companies, international ad agencies, boutique consultancies, start-ups, and every place in between. She mentors and teaches students as an instructor at Ada Developers Academy, and consults with a wide range of companies internationally through Having an insatiable curiosity, she has worked as a lighting designer, marionette puppeteer, sous chef, and professional poker player, and enjoys hiking, collecting Vespas, and working with glass.

More about the presentations:

Kerri Miller ”You Can’t Miss What You Can’t Measure”

Adrift at sea, a GPS device will report your precise latitude and longitude, but if you don’t know what those numbers mean, you’re just as lost as before. Similarly, there are many tools that offer a wide variety of metrics about your code, but other than making you feel good, what are you supposed to do with this knowledge? Let’s answer that question by exploring what the numbers mean, how static code analysis can add value to your development process, and how it can help us chart the unexplored seas of legacy code.

More information about the Geek Girls Carrots community you can found on our website.