Geek Girls Carrots Rzeszów #11

Please join us at Geek Girls Carrots’ next meeting in Rzeszów.

We would talk about “Digital native shopping” and “M-commerce – when and why?”. After the presentations we’ve scheduled networking afterparty! To attend the meeting you need to register first >>

What? Geek Girls Carrots Rzeszów #11 – Carrots in the world of e-commerce
When? 18 October, 6:00PM
Where? GRZESZNICY, 3-maja 7, Rzeszów

Everybody interested in e-commerce and new technologies is invited!


Natalia Kielur – marketing and public relations specialist at Witchcraft Studios Agency
Agnieszka Trojnar – project manager and e-marketing expert at Aberit Interactive Agency

agnieszka-trojnar natalia-kielur