Geek Girls Carrots Luxembourg #4

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Geek Girls Carrots #4 Luxembourg meeting at Konrad Café & Bar

Meeting will be held in English and it’s free.

When:            25.11.2014
          Konrad Café & Bar; 7, rue du Nord, L-2229 Luxembourg



19:00               Registration

19:15               Welcoming speech

19:20               Valentina Agostini “Why WordPress is a good tool for bloggers?” (Valentina is an Italian blogger:

19:40               Q & A

19:50               Karolina Szatna known as Pepper “Social Enterprise: Lët’z Go Local” (Pepper is Co-owner and Designer at Ben&Pepper Boutique; Co-initiator of Lët’z go Local A.s.b.l.)

20:10               Q & A

20:20               Patrick Wheeler „Information security as a career” (Patrick is Senior technical and business leader; Security Office in Luxembourg Financial Sector)

20:40               Q & A

20:50               Let’s stay at Konrad Café & Bar: Networking


More info:
Twitter: @ggCarrots

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