Geek Girls Carrots Luxembourg #14

Please join us on Tuesday September 29 at Level2 for #14 Geek Girls Carrots Luxembourg meeting.

Meeting will be held in English and it’s free.

When: 29 September

Where: 87, route de Thionville; L-2611 Luxembourg


19:00 Registration

19:05 Welcoming speech

19:10  „How to promote your business with a small budget” by Agnes Czupryn; Online Advertising Passionate & Expert, Entrepreneur

19:30 Q & A

19:40 „2D artist in the gaming industry – Concept art, character design,…2D pre production of a game” by Marijke Wilms2D concept artist in the video game industry

20:00 Q & A

20:30 Networking

Drinks and snacks are available at Level2 for a reasonable price (price list available at the venue).

Meet our speakers!


AgnesCzuprynAgnes started her career in online business in 2001. As a Internet Manager of one of the biggest local newspapers in Poland – Gazeta Olsztynska – she was in charge of several news websites and portals. Very soon Agnes has built from scratch one of the fast growing internet companies in the local market. The company’s business was to create websites, e-commerce solutions and to provide online advertising campaigns to clients. In 2009 Agnes launched polish version of social media portal for parents based on successful swedish concept – She has started to work for Stampen Media Poland. As a Vice President of the company she was responsible for development, marketing, operating results & search for business opportunities. About two years ago Agnes quit her career in Poland and moved to Luxembourg. She worked for a multimedia company in the city, cooperated with Gen Creo startup and participated at Luxembourg Startup Weekend – her team took 2nd place in the competition (November 2014). Several month ago she started her independent activity in Luxembourg and based on her experience she pursues her passion offering external marketing services for small companies.


Marijke WILMS

MarijkeWilms1Marijke is a concept artist, character designer and 2D artist for the video gaming industry.  She lived in Japan for 3 years and studied at the LISAA institute in Paris in the video game conception section. She is passionate about drawing & video gaming since my childhood. She was a freelance concept artist for 2 years and worked for diverse gaming companies during that time: Cyanide Studio (Blood Bowl & Dungeon Bowl) , Eggball Games (Woolly factory), Ogardonix Studio (Ralin Dwarf Wars, Cat Evil, Judith Gyrran)… Finally and since September, Marijke is employed by a Luxemburgish Company who is willing to make video game and she will of course do her best to make it work.

Twitter: @MarijkeWilmsArt