Geek Girls Carrots Luxembourg #12 meeting at Level 2

Please join us on Tuesday July 21 at Level2 for #12 (1st Birthday) Geek Girls Carrots Luxembourg meeting organized as part of Geek Week Luxembourg.

Meeting will be held in English and it’s free.

When: 21 July

Where: Level 2  87, route de Thionville; L-2611 Luxembourg



19:00 Registration

19:05 Welcoming speech

19:10  „Whatever creativity, it is in part a solution to a question!” by Lucia Mazzucato; Communication Manager at Goeres Group

19:30 Q & A

19:40 Louise Mitchell; IT Security Administrator at Clearstream Services

20:00 Q & A

20:10 Chris Pinchen; Co-founder of the Chokepoint Project, trainer at BEE SECURE, colaborator at BEE CREATIVE

20:30 Q & A

20:40 Networking
Drinks and snacks are available at Level2 for a reasonable price (price list available at the venue).


Lucia Mazzucato


She is a creative person who wants to create, has the analytical mind of a strategist and the rigorous procedures of an account director. Lucia likes thinking different, being really busy and doing a lot of different things in a day. She also likes ideas that have only to be put into practice when it is absolutely necessary. And she enjoys working with people who love who what they do, in an environment where creativity and technology can go together and who devotes attention to every details – by default.

Louise Mitchell


Louise works in a mans world, and in a Linux world, and thinks you should too. Find out what it’s like to spend 8 hours a day with geeks and working with a great platform like Linux. Louise is currently working as an IT Security Administrator for Clearstream Services in Luxembourg.  She is originally from England, where she studied Information Technology at University and worked for a couple of years in IT jobs in England before moving to Luxembourg 9 years ago.

Chris Pinchen


Co-founder of the Chokepoint Project, a non-profit organisation that collects, analyses and reports on data relating to network neutrality and civil rights in the digital domain, Chris is a certified trainer on safe Internet use to kids and teens for BEE SECURE, a joint initiative of the Luxembourg Ministry of the Economy & Foreign Trade, Ministry of Family & Integration and the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training.
Organiser of Brighton CryptoFestival, he has facilitated CryptoParties and other privacy workshops in Berlin, Luxembourg and the UK as well as contributing to the CryptoParty Handbook. He was resident at the Lighthouse Studio in Brighton focusing on surveillance, censorship & privacy issues.
Chris has run participatory events, workshops and training sessions in Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and the UK and is a member of the supporters council of the Open Rights Group. He is currently collaborating on BEE CREATIVE, setting up makerspaces and workshop programmes in schools throughout Luxembourg.