Geek Girls Carrots Krakow

Date: 19 September 2017
Place & Time: Food & People By Pastrami  / 6 PM

Ewelina Wołoszyn – is the CEO of Lonsley, a Machine Learning software house. She engages in initiatives that encourage entrepreneurship and innovations. Ewelina is the createor of Tech Leaders – a mentorship program for women in IT.
Ewelina will talk about how she started with Machine Learning, what ML is, how it changes the business, how the businesses that use ML have the advantage or how to determin if the ML is effective in a business.
Topic: „How Machine Learning determins the success in business”
Lucyna Szaszkiewicz – Sales and Customer Experience Director at . Restless spirit, sales revolutionist who engourages you to change and break stereotypes. Innovator by education, manager by exeprience with 10 years in IT – from building the products, managing sales and the network of tech and business partners. Explorer of people and sorrounding’s potential. Passionate of progresss called performance tornado.
Topic: ” Passwords and PINs are neither strong neither sexy. Your Voice is!”