Geek Girls Carrots Geneva- Satellites & an introduction to particle physics


The agenda:
6.30: Welcoming words, a short presentation of Geek Girls Carrots Geneva,
7.00: Is Space large enough for all satellites to operate free of interference? by Véronique Glaude and Cessy Karina (ITU)
7.30-7.45: Q&A
7.45: Particle physics: the basics by Sophia Borowka (CERN)
8.15: Q&A
8.30: Apéro
Are you into science, IT, telecommunications, startups? Come and join our community of like-minded people! On March 27th we will host three extraordinary speakers, who will talk about science and their work in a way that everyone can understand.


1st presentation: Is Space large enough for all satellites to operate free of interference?
Is Space large enough for all satellites to operate free of interference? No! At the International Telecommunication Union, a UN Specialized Agency, we are applying the Radio Regulations to share rationally, efficiently and economically the radio frequency spectrum and geostationary orbit so that all countries may have equitable access to those limited global natural resources. We will explain our everyday work as women engineers in a multicultural male-dominated environment and share our passion for making space a better place accessible to all.
Speakers :
Véronique Glaude:
I’m a Senior Engineer expert in Satellite Radio Regulations at the International Telecommunication Union. I’m French, married and our daughter is now studying at EPFL. I practice freshwater swimming in the lake all year long, co-lead the Geneva group of Women In Aerospace Europe association and like to discovering unknown remote areas during my summer holidays.
Cessy Karina:
I’m a Senior Radiocommunication Engineer in ITU. I’m Indonesian and joined the ITU in 2002 to work at the Space Service Department of Radiocommunication Bureau. My daily jobs consist in dealing with coordination and notification of satellite systems. I am also involved in providing assistance and support to the administrations and have been participating actively at various ITU workshops, seminars and conferences in particular related to the space services. I’m very busy, but I try to balance between my professional and personal life. I love traveling, and I am active in diverse clubs and associations: Women in aerospace, Photo club, Indonesian association, various sports clubs and I am also chef d’orchestre of Indonesian traditional music instruments.


2nd presentation: An introduction to particle physics
Have you ever wanted to know what the fundamental constituents of our universe are? I will give an introduction to the Standard Model of particle physics, harboring the smallest building blocks of our universe and tell you why we are still not satisfied with this situation.
Sophia Borowka:
Studied physics in Dortmund, Germany
Ph.D. at Max-Planck-Institute for Physics in Munich, Germany
PostDoc in Zurich, Switzerland
Fellow at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland