Geek Girls Carrots Cracow #November


Date: 21 November 2017

Place & Time: Pauza in Garden  / 7 PM

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Anna Ryś CEO at AnyMind – a startup that creates a platform for finding and instant, paid online connection, via video and audio channels, with people who have know-how in any area of life/business. She’s got exactly zero education in IT, and yet she manages a highly innovative and technological advanced product and team. She’s also one of co-founders of Smogathon – a global competition for smog-fighting innovations (technological, scientific and others) and a Business Developer at Contacts Group. Before she managed TurboTranslations – a startup she co-founded, and before that, right after finishing her studies in Belgium and UK, she was a Community Manager at AdTaily. When she has some time do do anything other than startup stuff (which happens less and less often), she gives into her passion for acting and sports, or tests yet another recipe for a sugarless, heathy dessert.

Topic: STARTUP = people, people, people + quick decisions + the right amount of technology + a little bit of luck

A little bit about doing what you love, creating and managing startups, being your own boss, working with developers and finding the right people to do something meaningful with. Examples of AnyMind, TurboTranslations and Smogathon.


Joanna Ostafin UX designer and consultant. On a daily basis helps companies design great user experience. She organizes and plans trainings, workshops, educational games.
Co-founder of KID (Krakow’s Design Initiative) and Project: People.
She is passionate about lean approach, promoting it whenever she can.

Topic: That’s why I like… talking to You – a talk about UX design of converational interfaces.


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