Geek Girls Carrots Bydgoszcz #14

WHEN: 16th December 2015, 6:00PM

WHERE: ECD Consilis, Kościuszki 27B/8 Bydgoszcz

TOPIC: From zero to hero


18.00 -18.10 Start of the meeting
18.10 – 18.30 Katarzyna Nowak „ Personal development at Startup”
18.40 – 19.00 Networking
19.00 – 19.20 Michał Wojtyna „Is it worth it to go to Silicon Valley?”
19.20 – 19.40 Klaudia Wróblewska „AdWords. Why you should make friends with him and find out what you need to know about it?”
19.40 – … Afterparty


Katarzyna Nowak

Ok, it’s time to introduce our first guest: Kasia is CFO UsabilityTools, a kick-ass #SaaS analytics and user testing platform that helps businesses to optimize websites for higher conversion and better customer experience. She will share what she learned at Google Campus, London exchchange programme and how it made her startup wiser. UsabilityTools was one of 6 startups chosen from over 100 candidates worldwide to take part in an intensive one-week programme, providing teams with work space, workshops mentorship one of the most influential people in the high tech space. Kasia will reveal why UsablityTools team got there, why it’s worth to meet people like Engineering Director Google and what the “googliness” means in practice.


Michał Wojtyna

Passionate about good programming practices, from the years associated with the JVM technology and derivatives. A supporter of the Spring Framework and good architectural patterns. Have experience in: Java EE\/SE, Spring Framework, Hibernate, MongoDB, Android, and the design of systems and databases and administration of UNIX-like operating systems. The experience he gained while working as a freelancer and an administrator at the Department of mathematics and computer science SECTION. From October 2013 environmental participant doctoral studies from the scope of the computer science ACADEMY. From November 2014 seriously dealt with the development of your main project-Slidetorial.


Klaudia Wróblewska

Klaudia every day struggling with marketing and sales agency of the Sas Design. It began as an intern-typical copywriter, delving into the next marketing areas, such as social media or mailing. Ultimately, however, he became fascinated with a AdWordsem and „cunning” of Google. With this she want to permanently tie his career. In his private life often changes and doing a lot of things at once, but in the work of marketing and poses on the regularity, the accuracy and timely responses