Geek Girls Carrots Bydgoszcz #11

Revolution and tradition

Released WiFi for everyone? Clothes, toys and even parts of the body printed at home? We’ll check if it is possible. And we’ll find out how a passion for traditional activities can be turned into a modern and innovative business.


When: 16.09.2015 at 6.00PM

Where: ECD Consilis, Kościuszki 27B/8 Bydgoszcz


18.00 Start of the meeting

18.10 Agata Jędraszczak „ Blog and what’s next?”

18.40 Joanna Jadachowska „Printing or magic?”

19.10 Networking

19.40 Wally Wójcicki „The revolution in access to the Internet”

20.10 Networking


Agata Jędraszczak1

Agata Jędraszczak since the beginning of 2009 the author of the blog kuchniaagaty. pl. She leads culinary programs broadcast by the Kitchen + „Imprezujemy” and „Dieta Agata”, appears regularly in the studio „Dzień Dobry TVN”, and cocreates “Nożem i Widelcem” by the local TVP. She released a book called „Dieta Agaty”, and she is working on another one dedicated to healthy, fast food. In 2013, she has opened her own culinary studio „Warsztaty Kuchni Agaty”.

Wally Wójcicki1

Wally Wójcicki, after studying at Gdansk University and Concordia University in Montreal, for many years was a financial adviser in Vancouver, led the company engaged in the distribution of Polish handicrafts in North America. He is involved in English Speaking Club, participates in charities. He’s very active: ride a bike, roller-skating, tennis, beach volleyball, loves salsa, bachata and Kizomba. Currently, he is a representative of Wiffinity in Poland.

Joanna Jadachowska

Joanna Jadachowska is passionate about new technologies, an expert on 3D printing, who transmits her knowledge with pleasure to the others. She cocreates FORMAKERS, first company in Bydgoszcz with comprehensive 3D printing services. She believes that each person can be creativ, that’s why she helps to achieve dreams and ideas by 3D printing. Her mission is „From a sketch to 3D printing.” She gained her experience creating graphic designs and ideas for advertising agencies and as marketing specialist. She was trained by Mateusz Grzesiak, Piotr Mróz, Anthony Robbins, Les Brown and others great trainers for business and personal development.