First Geek Girls Carrots meeting in London

If you love IT and want to meet fellow geek girls and get inspired – come and join us! Geek Girls Carrots London meeting would be hel on Tuesday, July 29 at Campus London.

18:30 – Registration
19:00 – About GGC – Kamila Sidor, CEO&co-founder Geek Girls Carrots
19:10 – Why IT conferences matter? And why do they matter even more today? Katarzyna Lechowicz, NetApp
19:40- Why should startups embrace the corporates? Monika Gierszewska – Innovation Manager at Cognizant (,
20:10 -20:25- break
20:25 – Speaker no. 3
after 21:00 – Networking & Afterparty….

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Katarzyna – more than 50% of her time she spends on traveling to or from the technology events around the World. That’s her job but also a big life passion. And if she is not somewhere on the way she is still a virtual attendee. She has seen both worlds – the one behind the stage and the one on the stage – and will share her experience of co-organizing the top IT Events and explaining why life interactions still matter the most, what’s hot in the industry, why Emerging Market has it’s own Silicon Valley and why events are the top strategy choices for both big player and start-ups. Kasia loves Californian climate, north India, 3D printing and is still trying to find her way around Cloud computing and Big Data. She believes that CDO – Chief Digital Officer will be in the next couple of years the hottest new job role in the market and she will definitely try to add it to her CV. You can follow her on Twitter: @KateLechowicz

Monika currently manages European operations for the Global Innovation Ecosystem at Cognizant, an international IT solutions and technology consulting company. She is working on accelerating innovation for corporate clients by collaborating and co-innovating with startups, academics, VC investors and accelerators around the world. Monika is also greatly engaged with the startup community and, prior to joining Cognizant, had a key role in transforming and growing one of the biggest London’s entrepreneurial networks called Dreamstake into a profitable and sustainable startup accelerator with a series of training programmes as well as two co-working spaces. She holds MSc degree in Business Innovation from the University of London, Birkbeck College.

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