How can we help you?

1. What is Geek Girls Carrots ?

Geek Girls Carrots is a community of women’s interested in new technologies. Our mission is to attracting women to tech. We promote women role models in IT and to create and show the new opportunities for women and girls who would like to be a part of the word of new technologies. Geek Girls Carrots is working as a Social Enterprise. At first we ask if something is good for the community, and then if it is valuable or beneficial.

We act with passion on daily basis. Among us you can find programmers, graphic designers, project managers, social media specialists, system architects and startupers. At our meetups you can also meet journalists looking for inspiration to their articles.

2. How does community look like in numbers?

We started in Warsaw and now we are getting bigger and bigger each day!

Geek Girls Carrots in numbers:

15 countries

1000 participants*

14 kinds of workshops

* where we have regular meetings

**estimated number of monthly meetings’ participants

3. What is our mission?

Geek Girls Carrots as a part of programming, startups and new technologies scene in Europe is a community, which helps to create and develop passion and skills for new technologies. We are focused on women and girls and would like to show them that passion for technology has nothing in common with sex, but with personal interest, skills development, education and hard work.

That’s why our mission is to attracting women to tech; to educate, especially women in programming and anything related to IT; to motivate them to action.

We don’t think that women should be treated in an any special way in IT. We see it totally opposite – that’s why we are promoting women who already are in IT and make great project, because they are less recognizable than men.

4. Why do we think that there should be more women in IT?

In Geek Girls Carrots we love to show what people are capable of. As we know from the scientific research girls very often don’t choose math or computer science related majors, not because they don’t like it, but because they were learned that it’s a boys’ thing. Fortunately nowadays we can learn throughout our whole lives. People can make career path choices not only being teenagers.

The second reason is money. There is a lot of highest paying jobs in IT. Also the working hours are often flexible, and there are some opportunities to work remotely. All of the above reasons can be very beneficial for women.

5. Why are the meetings dedicated mostly for women?

Very often both – man and women decide to join our meetups and workshops. The only difference is in proportions. At other tech meetings very often there is more men than women. On Geek Girls Carrots’ meetings and workshops the proportion is inversed. At the beginning, the idea was to create meetings for women who wouldn’t come to a meetup, where they would be one of only 3 women in the room with 50 men. We created a community where women who are in love with technology can meet other women that share the same interest. Now we can proudly say it turned out a huge success.

We also cooperate with other communities and organisations, mostly not only dedicated to women , and we promote their meetings and workshops.

6. Who can join Geek Girls Carrots’ community?

We don’t have an official membership. If you like our idea and are connected, or would like to be connected with tech, you are more than welcome! First of all – you could participate in one of our meetings. The entrance is free. On our website you can always find all the necessary information about upcoming events. If your town doesn’t have any local organizer of Geek Girls Carrots meeting, look at the point number 11 .

7. Who are the Geek Girls Carrots’ leaders?

The whole project is created by local Leaders and the central support team.

8. Who are the Geek Girls Carrots’ mentors?

Part of our mission is to educate women and girls in programming and anything connected with new technologies. We are cooperating with great people who are a specialists, have a passion and love to share their knowledge.

Geek Girls Carrots mentors simply volunteer in Django Carrots and Code Carrots, and inspire new coding adepts.

9. What the Geek Girls Carrots exactly do?

Our community main activity are regular, free meet-ups organized in 15 countries worldwide.

We also organize different kind of workshops, where we teach programming, project management in IT, UX, design and others. Workshops are irregular, sometimes with paid entrance, held in the cities where we have regular meetings.

We also organize special meetings, hackathons, panel discussions in the cooperation with other communities and companies. We already made that kind of events with Facebook, Google Developers Group and others. If your community / company would like join to this list, you are more than welcome to contact us !

10. Where are Geek Girls Carrots active?

We operate worldwide – from Bydgoszcz to Tokyo and Lisbon. If your city is not on the list yet and you would like to become one of our organizers, please contact us at contact@carrots.pl

11. What should I do to orgaznize a Geek Girls Carrots’ meeting in my city?

In each of the partner cities a local organizer should be reported to us by writing an e-mail including the following information and answering questions:

  • Name, last name, phone number, city
  • What do you do on a daily basis? What is a profession of yours?
  • Do you have any event planning experience? (brunch meetings/ business meetings/ conferences/ workshops)
  • What new technologies are you familiar with? How often do you make use of new technologies in your private and professional life?
  • What do you expect from being a local Leader of Geek Girls Carrots meetings?
  • Have you ever participated in any meetings related to IT, startups, social media, UX?

12. Where does the name „Geek Girls Carrots” come from?

The word that is mostly associated with a group of geeks is pizza. Long-lasting coding is identified with eating junk food. That is why we decided to replace pizza with carrot so that the name of our community will be associated with a healthy lifestyle.

13. What are the benefits of being a part of the Geek Girls Carrots community?

In Geek Girls Carrots’ community you can meet other girls and women who are interested in programming and new technologies. It’s a great way to get inspiration, exchange experience, get good advice, or find a partner for the new project. Thanks to our meetings and workshops you can also learn something new and get new skills. It’s as important as the networking. Finally it’s so much fun!

14. How do the meet-ups look like?

Each meeting is free of charge and consists of two parts: presentations of our speakers and the networking. We try to carry out the official part within one hour to have enough time for networking. Every meeting ends with a beer in some club or pub where we also invite our colleagues from business sector.

Our meetings usually end around midnight. Therefore please make sure you can spend this time with us on talking, networking and just having great time.

15. How the events looks like?

We also organize special meetings with companies (eg. Facebook) or another communities (Google Developers Group). Topics and form of these meetings depend mostly on needs of Geek Girls Carrots’ community in the city where the event takes place. It could be a discussion panel, regular meeting, a workshop, a hackathon, or any other form that would be interesting and beneficial to our community.

16. How do the workshops look like?

We have different types of workshops, with different topics that include Python and Django programing, SEM/SEO, WordPress, Agile and Scrum, UX, HTML. Every workshop has also its unique form and participants with different level of knowledge. Our participants are both men and women. Until now we organised 94 workshops with about 2 000 participants.

17. In what way can companies cooperate with Geek Girls Carrots?

We offer our partners inter alia sponsoring of our meetings, organisation of special meetings, consulting support, job advertising. If your company is familiar with Geek Girls Carrots goals and mission, you are more than welcome to contact us!

18. Who finances Geek Girls Carrots?

Geek Girls Carrots is a social project, which means that firstly we ask if something is helpful to our community, then if it brings valuable change. We are independent, which means that we are not a part of any other company.

Geek Girls Carrots’ funds itself mostly from partnerships, consulting and job advertisement. Sometimes we also earn money on the workshops, also very often have to put money from our private pockets. All we earn as Geek Girls Carrots we spend on the community.

19. What is Code Carrots?

Code Carrots has been organised in Warsaw, Seattle, Kielce and soon in Cracow. Form of the meeting is very opened and informal. We don’t have one, straight tutorial. During Code Carrots you will be able to meet mentors, ask them questions and get some advice in programming.

The meeting will be the most useful if you:

>> are learning from a programming tutorial and you would like to get some guidance

>> would like to start programming tutorial but you don’t know how and where

>> would like to solve specific programming problem

>> would like to use mentors knowledge and have good time in “carrots” atmosphere.

Code Carrots meetings are informal and free. We are only limited by the office size. Don’t forget to bring your own laptop. It will be also nice if you could bring some carrots or sweets with you.

20. What is PyCode Carrots?

PyCode Carrots workshop is designed for people who never programmed before, but also for IT students or programmers who know Python at mid level. Just like for the other events organized by Geek Girls Carrots, we invite both – ladies and gentlemen.

People who benefit from PyCode Carrots the most are those, who:

  • have never programmed, but are very keen to start
  • know one programming language and would like to get acquainted with a new one
  • are experienced programmers and would like to try working with Django.