Django Carrots Workshop – First Paris Edition is over!

Django Carrots Workshop – Programming weekend for beginners
First Paris Edition is over!

The free of charge weekend workshop took place between February, 27th and March, 01 2015 at Mozilla Foundation in the heart of Paris.

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We hosted 37 Participants, 15 Mentors and 7 Speakers. We went through over 11 hours of coding and created around 286 code lines per participant. We learned Python, Django, how to draw a christmas tree in code and why coding is easier and more fun than we normalny give it a credit. We ate over 15 kg of carrots! We spent a wonderful time together!

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Paris Django Carrots was organised jointly by Geek Girls Carrots and 4ideas.

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Thank you Python Software Foundation GandiGithubAssociation Francophone Python and Tandoori.  Very special thanks to Mozilla Foundation for hosting us in your wonderful Paris premises and for your valuable help in organizing this event.







TANDOORI            afpy


A huge thank you to the whole Team: the Participants, the Mentors, the Sponsors, the Speakers and the Organisers! See you next time in Paris!