Django Carrots PyCon 2015 – the one day, 10 hours of coding, Guido van Rossum and Lynn Root!


We made it! After two years of running the workshops, Django Carrots was for the first time organized as a part of PyCon conference!

During the 10 hours* workshop, 25 participants working with 8 mentors and 6 supportive mentors used the Django Carrots tutorial, the Snake game by Marek Stępniowski and their own projects to improve their Python and Django programming skills. Each of the 8 groups had different programming experiences and knowledge levels. Some of our students were at the very beginning of their journey with programming, some have had many years of experience programming in Python under their belt.

We were very happy to host Lynn Root’s talk about her previous programming experience. As always she was an inspiration for many of us. Baptiste Mispelon gave us a quick introduction to Django Sprints, which was very helpful, especially for those of us who had their very first Sprint ahead. We also had a very special guest in the room – Guido van Rossum – although only for a few minutes.

We hope that the workshop was helpful and fun for all of the students and mentors! Special thanks goes to the Python Software Foundation  which supported us with the venue, lunch and part of the logistics, and Gandi  which provided free hosting for all participants and mentors. Thank you!

If you are interested in organizing a Django Carrots workshop in your city please contact us via this form.

* Regular Django Carrots workshop are a two and a half day event focused mostly on the needs of women and men starting their journey with programming. Django Carrots is very often the first time that students run „Hello World”!

8 Django Carrots PyCon 2015 photo by Maciek Strömich

9 Django Carrots PyCon 2015 photo by Maciek Strömich


6 Django Carrots PyCon 2015 photo by Maciek Strömich7 Django Carrots PyCon 2015 photo by Maciek Strömich

Photo Maciej Strömich