Django Carrots Paris second edition is coming back!

Django Carrots Paris second edition is coming soon! The workshop will take place between the 12th and 14th of June 2015in Mozilla Foundation, Paris. The registration has been closed. The results of selection will be know before the 13th of May and will be communicated by email. Thank you for being with us!

What is Django Carrots?

Django Carrots is a weekend programming workshop. We teach beginners and intermediate programmers coding in Python with Django elements.

Who can join?

Django Carrots workshop is in the first place addressed to people who have never code before. Also intermediate Python coders are welcomed. We warmly encourage women to join us for this adventure! Will be more than happy to welcome women of every age – the more life experience you have – the more we need you! 🙂

Those groups of participants will take the most advantage:

  • People who have never programmed before but would like to start and find out what the programming is about
  • People who know some basics of Python and would like to further develop their skills
  • Developers who code in other programming language and would like to learn a new one

As 4ideas and GGC support and promote diversity in IT, women will have a priority while registering for this event.

You are affraid that your English is not perfect?

You don’t have to speak English to participate. The official language of the event will be French and English and the group work will be done in the language of the participants and the mentor. Our wonderful team of mentors include French, English, Polish and Italian native speakers.

How does it run?


From Friday evening untill Sunday afternoon participants work in small groups of 2-3 people and a mentor to learn how to code in Python and Django.

In the breaks we listen to inspiring lectures on cutting edge technologies, news from programming communities and innovative start-ups.

As a follow-up after the workshop the participants get a list of links to continue learning Python and Django as well as a list of meetings, groups and programming events.

15 experienced mentors – outstanding programmers in Python and/or Django will teach around 35 attendees divided into small groups.


The registration for the June session has been closed.

The results of the selection process will be known before the 13th of May and will be communicated to you by an email. Thank you for your confidence.

If you have children

If you have children and it might be problematic to leave them home for the whole long weekend, we have some solution for you. Thanks to the openess of our host – Mozilla, we will prepare a special space for a few children in the same building as our learning space. Up to us together to organise the care, but we are sure we will find solutions together and with other participants in the same situation. Let us know in the registration questionnaire that you need to come with your child/children and we will jointly find a way to organise it!

Candidates selection criteria

In order to keep our process as transparent as possible we are specifying some rules according to which the selection for the workshop will be done.

We do not use the rule „first come – first served” as we would like to give the chance to register to different people, not necessarily only those who are tightly connected to the web and quickly acquire news.

Furthermore, we follow the general IT gender statistics – only in renversed way. This means that we will accept for the participants around 90% of women and 10% of men.

Priority is given to people who have no or very little experience with coding (in any programming language). We target around 80 % of complete beginners and 20% of people with little coding experience (less than 1 year in Python or in other languages).

If there are not enough candidates within those priority groups, candidates from other groups are chosen in the following order:

  • People who have little experience in other than Python programming languages (1-3 years)
  • People who have little experience in Python (1-3 years)
  • People who have much experience in any language (more than 3 years)

The gender target is kept throughout the process.

Within the quotas the candidates are chosen by a draw.

The priority will be given to people who tried to register for the first Paris edition but were unlucky.

Learning Python


Django Carrots is a highly interactive workshop – practical exercises come before all. During the workshop we’ll explore the basic components of a programming language: data types, functions, conditional statements and loops. We’ll work through lots of problems together but we’ll teach you autonomy and trouble-shooting methods.

We’ll do all to provide you with the most knowledge possible so that you see your own amazing progress at Sunday evening.

About Python

Python is a language that you can use to create websites, visualize data, make art, program robots and run servers. It is easy to learn and you see the progress you make streight away.

Python powers some of the most popular websites and apps we all know and like, for instance Pinterest, Instagram, Yahoo and Youtube. It’s used by tech companies all over the world – Mozilla Support, NASA, IBM, EDF and at the CIA site.

Python name comes from the BBC series „Monty Python’s Flying Circus”, but you need to join us for the workshop to find out what the two have in common.

What should I remember of before comming?

Please, don’t forget to bring your laptop! Normally we don’t provide the computers, as it is much better for you to learn on the equipment you are used to work with.

If you don’t have a laptop the game is not over though. Let us know about it by registration and we will find out a solution together!

Thanks to our sponsors and partners the meals – breakfests and lunches – and drinks are included.

It will be an intensive work though – energy and enthousiasm will be essential! Think of having some sleep to arrive in good shape! And most of all, don’t forget your good humor! 🙂

Sponsors and Partners

Eager to join as a Partner?

We would love to have your company among our Partners.

By joining us you support new talents in IT, diversity in tech and development of modern society. You help us promote the culture of community coding. Thank you!

By supporting Django Carrots you strengthen your media exposure towards broad IT community in France and abroad as well as towards the new members of global coding village.

Futur en Seine


This edition of Django Carrots will be a partner event of Futur en Seine Festival . It is an international festival which each year during 10 days presents French and international digital innovations to professionals and to general public. We will take adventage of a dedicated website with 60.000 unique entries from April 22nd until June, 22nd 2014 and from its social network (9000 followers twitter / 6500 likes facebook).

Join us for Django Carrots Paris!

For any questions please contact: welcome(at)

A few words about Django Carrots first Paris edition

After more than 80 Geek Girls Carrots coding events around the world, Django Carrots came for the first time to Paris !

The weekend workshop took place between the 27th of February and the 1st of March 2015 at Mozilla Foundation Paris.

We hosted 37 Participants, 15 Mentors and 7 Speakers. We went through over 11 hours of coding and created around 286 code lines per participant. We learned Python, Django, how to draw a christmas tree in code and why coding is easier and more fun than we normalny give it a credit. We ate over 15 kg of carrots. We spent a wonderful time together!

Sponsors and Partners of the first Paris Edition

Thanks to our fantastic Sponsors and Partners this event was free of charge to the participants.

Thank you Sponsors of the First Django Carrots Paris Edition for your support and trust!

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