Carrots#10 with Swiss Re: Digital Unicorns, AI for health, and IoT


Where:  Swiss Re Mythenquai 50/60 · Zürich

When: 12 March 2018

This event is generously sponsored by Swiss Re.

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The registration deadline is on Wednesday, 7th March at 23:30. 


18:30 – Introduction

18:45 – Talk by Bianca Scheffler, „Skills of digital unicorns”

19:05 – Networking

19:20 – Talk by Diana Coman-Schmid, „AI in Personalized Health”

19:45 – Talk by Maryam Tayebani, „Wireless technologies for the Internet of Things (IoT)”

 20:10 – Networking

„Skills of digital unicorns” by Bianca Scheffler

Head Information Standards & Compliance, Swiss Re

Global Organizations, NGO’s, Private Corporates, and even small startups – Wherever young people start their career it’s necessary to know what’s expected when transitioning from a safe education environment to busy working days. Looking at the variety of jobs we in information and technology, it’s obvious that we need more than coding expertise. Mastering personal, empathic and behavioral soft skills is often a key success factor. But how can you prepare yourself? Let’s have a look at various job families and see what tasks they entail.


About Bianca:


Bianca has a passion for data. She has 15+ years experience in developing information and data management across different industries: from MedTech to the (re)insurance industry. Having joined Swiss Re in 2015, she is responsible for the group-wide information standards and compliance. Her core disciplines are master data management, data quality assurance, information lifecycle management and digital compliance. Furthermore, Bianca is an active contributor in information management. She increases awareness of effective information integration in today’s digital transformation. Additionally, she teaches coding and computer science for kids. Bianca holds a Bachelor and Master Degree in Computer Science from the Technical University Chemnitz, Germany.



„AI in Personalized Health” by Diana Coman-Schmid

Personalized Health Data Services Manager, ETH Zurich

Digital healthcare and biomedical research allow us to collect large amounts of health-related data: clinical and genome data, data from biobanks, and digital footprints recorded by individuals through smartphones. Artificial Intelligence (AI) make personalized health possible. Prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of unfavorable health conditions will become more precise. Diana gives an overview of AI in Personalized Health. She will explain how a Computational background can help you flourish in this exciting ecosystem.


About Diana:

 Diana has many years of experience in Bioinformatics and Statistics. She completed her Ph.D. at ETHZ in Plant Molecular Biology and gradually expanded her skills in Bioinformatics and Statistics. In her role as Personalized Health Data Services Manager at the Scientific IT Services at ETH, she supports the biomedical and personalized health research community by providing services for Big Data and scientific High-Performance Computing.



„Wireless technologies for Internet of Things (IoT)” by Maryam Tayebani

Embedded System Engineer,


With 11 billion connected devices– excluding computers and phones – Internet of Things clearly is a hot topic and a transformational trend in 2018. We all heard of smart home and smart city. Soon we’ll be the witnesses of their widespread implementation. But what are the newest technologies that make this connectivity possible?


About Maryam:


Maryam has a Master’s degree in Informatics from the Politecnico of Milan and a MAS in Embedded Systems Design from ETH. She loves hardware and electronics and has experience in microcontrollers and FPGA programming. Her main interest is the Internet of Things and the innovation that will come as a result. She is working in a startup focused on data integrity for supply chains, powered by blockchain and IoT.