Geek Girls Carrots Cracow

When: 23.01 g.19.00

Where: Pauza in Garden, Rajska 12, Kraków


Anna Ślimak
Software Developer working at Lunar Logic, really into tech topics, but by working in Lunar Logic truly convinced that not only tech skills form great teams.

Likes being active, sharing knowledge, wants to make an impact – part of the Poland team.

“How to build better teams? High skilled people? Empathy? More women?”

Katarzyna Baliga

How to protect one’s (info) body in cyber reality? A disussion on online cemeteries, mourning, nostalgia and the need of (non) existance.

Although red blood runs in our vains, our life takes place oudsite of our physical bodies in the cyber areas of reality. What does that mean for us, connected in a network, yet individuals? How does the fact that we exist in different dimensions influence us? What right do we have to our cyber existance now and after our death?