Geek Girls Carrots Zurich #9

Diversity, Data visualizations & Computer Vision

When: 23.01.2018

What we’ll do:

18:30 – Introduction

18:45 – Talk by Ekaterina Kamenskaya „Gender diversity in the engineering workplace”

19:05 – Networking

19:20 – Talk by Sofia Martynovich “Creating dynamic infographics”

19:45 – Talk by Anna Volokitin „What Makes Computer Vision Hard?”

20:10 – Networking

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„Gender diversity in the engineering workplace” by Ekaterina Kamenskaya
Ekaterina will talk about some of the challenges and practical solutions to diversity issues in the workplace.

About Ekaterina:
Ekaterina has been working in Google for 10 years helping to increase engineering productivity and product quality in various teams. She has been working for products such as Google Chrome and YouTube. Ekaterina received higher education degrees in Engineering and Management, and a PhD in Engineering. She published a book about image recognition algorithms in biometrics. Ekaterina is passionate about Women in Tech, gives regular talks at the conferences, provides mentorship for Googlers and girls interested in CS. She is the Google Women in Engineering Lead in Google Zurich. She is also leading the internal education community focusing on Googlers‘ learning and development.

“Creating dynamic infographics” by Sofia Martynovich
Information journalism captures a fascinating snapshot of someone’s research. With the help of design and infographics, raw statistical data and algorithms are wrapped in a cool story. Whatever data you take, be it the last football championship or statistics of airplane crashes, you can create state of the art visualizations. In her talk, Sofia will address how infographics can be reused and how to make static infographics live.

About Sofia:
Sofia is data visualization practitioner. After studying financial modeling at the Russian University of Oil and Gas and she started her career as technology consultant in business intelligence. Gradually, her focus shifted to analytics. Sofia’s main interests are information design and visual analytics adoption within organizations and by individuals.

„What Makes Computer Vision Hard?” by Anna Volokitin
Today, we are teaching computers how to understand what they see (through cameras). Although it seems easy for humans, we know that seeing is difficult because of the enormous variability in appearance of objects (due to lighting, pose, clutter, etc.). In this talk, I will present a short introduction to state-of-the-art Computer Vision techniques and talk a little bit about my own research, showing how different and similar human and computer vision systems are.
About Anna:Anna is a third-year PhD student in the Computer Vision Lab at ETH Zurich. She earned her Master’s in Biomedical Engineering at Imperial College London and was a visiting researcher at MIT. Her research interests are understanding how current machine learning methods are similar and different to learning in humans.