A day in the life of a Data Scientist

  • When: 25 March; 9:00 am
  • Target audience: People who can write basic Python

What it is about: Using python libraries for data science work. A day in the life of a data scientist, that wants to obtain, clean and analyze a dataset with UFO sighting reports.
Planned duration: 2.5 hrs

ggCarrots Switzerland is the Tribe of “Impact Hub Zürich” – the global community of entrepreneurial people prototyping the future of business.

The course is taught by Caroline Alexiou.

Caroline is an ETH graduate & Data Engineer. She develops in Python and Java/Scala with the occasional MATLAB and C++, with main focus on Big Data solutions and some full stack web development experience. Her main interest is on geospatial/geotemporal data and on providing intuitive solutions that aid the development and evaluation of models developed by domain experts/data scientists.

Support: Milanka Ringwald

Mila started her career in Serbia in the field of relational databases. She moved to Switzerland to extend her experience with the concepts of object-oriented databases and to complete her M.Sc. in Computer Science. Intrigued by the quest to understand how the brain works, she joined the Institute of Neuroinformatics at the ETH Zurich and University of Zurich to investigate how to acquire and use knowledge optimally in a biologically-based cognitive system. After obtaining her doctoral degree, she is now mother of a five year old girl and co-founder of BluetKitchen GmbH, where she meets the challenge of implementing a compact Bluetooth communication protocol stack for small embedded systems in plain C.