Geek Girls Carrots Zurich #6

Glowing proteins, Sensors @ Disney & Data-driven finance

When: 26 May, 6:30 PM, 2017

18:30 – Intrpduction

18:45 – Talk by Dr. Laura Mezzanotte “The glowing proteins and tools that aid biomedical research”

19:05 – Networking

19:20 – Talk by Dr. Lito Kriara „Sensors for Entertainment and Games” 

19:45 – Talk by Urszula Bielawny „Data Science in Private Banking”

20:10 – Networking


The glowing proteins and tools that aid biomedical research” by Dr. Laura Mezzanotte

In the first part Laura will introduce her research in glowing proteins at ErasmusMC and how these tools foster basic and preclinical biomedical research. In the second part she will focus on the glowing tools that are currently used in the clinic for surgery purposes.

About Laura Mezzanotte:

Laura graduated from the University of Bologna with a degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences. She is currently Assistant Professor of optical molecular imaging at Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Her research focuses on improving Bioluminescence and Fluorescence imaging for preclinical research.

This talk is supported by the FP7 European Union Marie Curie IAPP Program, BRAINPATH, under grant number 612360, and the project grant H2020-MSCA-RISE PRISAR, grant number 644373.

„Sensors for Entertainment and Games” by Dr. Lito Kriara
Mobile Systems and Sensors are an essential underlying technology of applications that enrich our experiences daily. Sensors help us stay connected and enable our interaction with the real and virtual world. In her talk, Lito will present a few sensor-based applications for entertainment use cases she worked on during her time at Disney Research.

About Lito Kriara:

Mobile Systems Researcher and Data Scientist. She received her PhD from the University of Edinburgh and continued her research at Disney Research and ETH Zurich. Her research interests include Affective Computing, Pervasive and Mobile Systems, User-Centered Services and User Profiling.

„Data Science in Private Banking” by Urszula Bielawny
During the talk, Urszula will show you how Data Science can be successfully applied in Private Banking. Since terms like Data Mining, Machine Learning or Data Science are very broad, she will introduce a concrete example of a Data Science pipeline. Additionally, she will demonstrate how using simple tools (regular expressions!) can make a big difference.

About Urszula Bielawny:

Urszula has a background in theoretical Mathematics, however, she was always drawn more towards practical applications. This has led her to work in various roles ranging from applying logical rules to encoding metadata and even financial reporting. Her professional career started 7 years ago at Credit Suisse and for the last 1.5 years, she has been working as a Data Scientist in the Private Banking division. Urszula develops in R and python and uses SQL extensively for data extraction.