WrocLove Code Carrots #6 UX – part 2


We are happy to invite you to the sixth edition of Wroclove Code Carrots! This time we will learn about User Experience using Axure software!

What: Wroclove Code Carrots

When: 22nd October 2016

Where: Objectivity, Strzegomska 142A, Wrocław

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In numbers: During about 5 hours of workshop, beginners will have a chance to learn about User Experience together with mentors. We will work with one of most popular softwares in this subject to gain really useful knowledge.

Why: Because IT consists not only of programming and because improving knowledge is fun!

What: Here is the agenda:

1. Axure’s interface – treatment

2. Prototype – basics

3. Widgets

4. Styling

5. Interaction

6. Dynamic panels

7. Team-work

If you have no background with UX questions, this workshop is for you. If you know the basics you are also welcome! After intensive, yet fun training you’ll be able to create your apps or websites which will be user friendly.

Our mentors are people with extensive knowledge and ability to teach the novices in a friendly way.

We can’t wait to see you!

Meet our mentors:

ania_liszewskaAnia Liszewska – has been with Objectivity for over 3 years, supporting in the development of useful and user-friendly software. In the course of her fruitful professional career she has designed, tested and assessed both traditional pages and applications as well as mobile services for her clients. As the leader of her UX team, what she values the most in her day-to-day work is collaboration with others and developing their skills. As a lover of psychology and a student at SWPS, she knows her stuff too. She values her free time, which she generally spends in the company of her four-legged friend Syriusz during endless walks.






kuba_mielczarekKuba Mielczarek – for over 7 years has been projecting digital projects. During his daily work he focuses mainly on creating web applications and enterprise systems using Design Thinking methods. Privately he loves Thai food and bike excursions.









Our partner: