5th Birthday Geek Girls Carrots 3city are coming soon!

5th March 2018 I 6.00 p.m. I O4 Coworking

We have a dream: we want you – our friends – to celebrate with us! We’ve been through a year of hard work for the sake of encouraging women to engage in IT industry and inspiring them to change their lives. 5th Carrots Foundation Birthday event will take place in Olivia Business Centre – O4 in Gdańsk at 5th March 2018. It will be a perfect time to meet and talk about new trends in technology since it is constantly present everywhere.

See you soon at the Birthday Party!

Be with us! 😊



Geek Girls Carrots Tricity celebrate their 5th anniversary. The road so far: 50 meetings, lectures and workshops, more than 100 speakers, hundreds of participants each year. We conduct regular meetings to talk about new technologies, trends and tendencies, to teach you about the Tech industry in a broad sense and to learn from you. The upcoming meeting will be unique not only because of the birthday cake and attractions we prepare for you but mostly because of the remarkable speakers and their stories.

If you wish to listen to inspiring stories, learn more about development opportunities in IT and engage in the networking panel, join us on March 5th at the OBC.


17:45 – 18:00 Registration

18:00 – 18:20 Official start | Anna Czoska ‚@Carrots Foundation focused on attracting women to tech’

18:20 – 18:40 First speaker |  Kasia Gola ‚Fashiontech trends – 2020 and how to find them.’

18:40 – 19:00 Second speaker | Natalia Talkowska ‚How translate ideas & information into clear, visual messages that stakeholders can understand & buy into?’

19:20 – 20:00 Panel with amazing and powerful panellists | Host: Monika Bogdanowicz/Olivia Business Centre, Urszula Gołowicz/Intel, Dominika Makuch/Dynatrace, Lidia Krystoforska/DeSmart, Anna Marchwicka/GetResponse, Martyna Wędzicka – Obuchowicz/Less studio.

20:00 @Carrots Foundation 5th Birthday Official Party!


Kasia Gola – researcher and strategist of new technologies and marketing in fashion industry. Graduate in Sociology at the AGH University of Science and Technology as well as Teen Vogue Fashion University in New York. Co-founder of Flowbox.io, founder and creator of GeekGoesChic.Co blog nominated for WGSN Global Fashion Awards, on the presence and use of high technologies in fashion. Nominated for the Glamour Woman of the Year Award in the category Online. Initiator and organizer of fashion and technology meetings GGC Fash&Tech. Fan of American Vogue. Gym freak.

Instagram: geekgoeschic

Twitter: geekgoeschic

Facebook: geekgoeschic

Snapchat: geekgoeschic

Natalia is Natalka Design Founder. She’s been called: Ideas Consultant, Visual Storyteller, Creative Content Strategist and Communications Specialist, Creative Lead. Creativity is her 2nd nature and turning people into more collaborative, enthusiastic, skilled & adventurous creatures is her passion. Natalia knows few things about being creative and thinking outside the box. She launched her 1st successful local business at 17. For the past 5 years she’s been successfully running Natalka Design consulting worldwide on effective communications, tackling lack of engagement or understanding within the teams, boosting marketing and creativity within companies and adding ROE to the mix – Return on Engagement which follows the always needed ROI. Through wide and exciting THINK and DO services, we’ve been working for global blue chip companies, exciting brands, British government, SMEs, charities & individuals

Monika Bogdanowicz – creates projects combining culture with technology resulting in #kulturotech. She tells the world about people as well as ambitious and creative Poland. Presents people and projects conducted by passionate individuals using their work, enthusiasm and openness to help others reach destinations where they already paved the way to. She thinks that being driven in life and business by such values as creativity, activity, entrepreneurship, the high culture of the organization and personal actions is the future that begins today.

Urszula Gołowicz, Cloud Sogtware Engineer, Intel

Programmer, enthusiast of automation of tests and related tools. She values good work and an engineering approach to problem-solving. Python’s aficionado. She found an unusual way to IT – she abandoned her career as a translator once she tried programming and now she cannot imagine another job.

Dominika Makuch,  Software Developer, Dynatrace. Developer and admirer of Java language and search engine technology, recently passionately exploring issues connected with machine learning and big data. Over the last 10 years, she has been working as a software developer, software architect, cloud software engineer, team leader or technical project manager and working on backends of search servers, CMS, mailing platforms or big data platforms as a part of the autonomous car project. At Dynatrace, she is currently working on the development of advanced monitoring systems.  Outside of work, she shares knowledge within the TriCity JUG and InfoShare Academy and her presentation on machine learning was among top 3 speakers of the JDD2016 conference.

Anna Marchwicka has been ensuring users being at the very heart of the design process for over 12 years. She has worked in various areas (e-commerce, back office, education) and currently at GetResponse as a User Experience Designer she ensures that the complex subject matter of e-marketing is as user-friendly and valuable as possible. A supporter of quality research, product and service creation by multidisciplinary teams and the thesis that leadership path does not always mean managing people. Privately a mum, an attentive observer of the world and an advocate of continuous improvement of everything around in as harmonious a way as possible.

Martyna Wędzicka – Obuchowicz: 1/4 of the less. design studio which mainly realizes projects in the field of visual identification, but is not afraid of editorial forms, posters or packaging designs. She focuses on cooperation with the customer, responding to their needs and providing solutions to visual problems. She runs the Graphic Design Basics Studio at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk.

Lidia Krystoforska has been dealing with Agile for over 4 years. She took her first agile steps in the Allegro Group as Scrum Master. Further on, in her role as the Scrum Trainer, she helped the Toruń based company Neuca learn more about Agile and change in the spirit of its values and assumptions. Currently, she cooperates with one of Gdynia’s software houses. Through counselling, mentoring and educational activities, she improves the organisation’s efficiency. She also conducts classes in Agile at postgraduate studies at the Toruń and Bydgoszcz School of Banking. After hours she’s an active social activist – together with her friends, she hosts the Agile 4U community, where she brings together enthusiasts of agility. During the trainings and workshops she has been conducting for about 2 years, she focuses on people and their needs, in the spirit of Nonviolent Communication, of which he is a great fan. She focuses on natural conversation. Her classes are conducted in a relaxed atmosphere and with a great sense of humour. A graduate of Environmental Protection and Management Engineer at the Technical University of Gdańsk, which still results in too many plants on her balcony. Outside the natural environment, she simply likes people.