PyCode Carrots Koszalin

Return of the Carrots! CodeGirls are back in town!

Koszalin is once again the city with the spark. Coding with passion is the key!

What: Free coding beginner Python workshop
Where: Koszalin University of Technology, H block
When: 30 September – 2 October
Registration: 03 – 16 September, registration form


Return of the Code! Second time and again with passion. Carrot Girls with great geek power will attack Koszalin. Three days, 30 students and 10 mentors will create something cool, new and…in Python!

Don’t hesitate to register, experienced mentors will show you all the tricks for free. You can begin Your adventure with coding now. We want to create a community, that will be open, friendly and ready for future challenges.

You don’t have to be a superstar – all we need is passion. Are you ready to be a CarrotGirl (or even CarrotBoy)?

Follow Fb event and Geek Girls Carrots fan page to stay tuned. More information soon.

Contact: If you have any questions or would like to support the workshops contact us at typing PyCode Carrots Koszalin #2 – questions.

Code of conduct

We are waiting for you!


agata_bublewicz Agata Bublewicz:

 I’m a absolvent of Technical University of Koszalin. In my spare time I blog and edit  articles related to programming, as well as write programs myself. I enjoy spending time  on social networks and keeping track of the latest news related to IT and new  technologies




Radosław Wojciechowski:

In love with software testing and SCRUM. Former community manager and journalist. Working in Silicon Valley based company. Cooking and board games are my free time activities.





Damian Giebas

 Big fan Open Source movement, Linux, HaikuOS and BSD systems. Raring programmer  of C\C++ and Python. Antyfan of Java and .NET. Addicted to TV series and movies, but  still love retro cRPG. Board game and card game fun. On a daily embedded programmer  in GlobalLogic.





Monika Zielińska

My name is Monika. My passion is writing stories, baking cakes and playing adventure games. I am not associated with the IT industry, but i like new challanges – hence my assistance PyCode Carrots Koszalin.





Alicja Jankiewicz

Analytical mind with wide range of interests. Graduated from Film Studies. Worked in various places: from factories to film industry, as a SEO/SEM specialist and as a librarian. After many years in Poznan came back to home village and now reads everything – books, newspapers and shampoo labels.



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