First Meetup in New York City

Join Geek Girls Carrots  for our first monthly Meetup in New York City.

For January’s meetup, we locked in

  • The Chief Marketing Officer, Cuurio // Strategist // Speaker // Board Member Kelly Hoey.
  • The Founder at Authentum Pamela Teagarden.
  • Secret Speaker from the New York Facebook Office.

We invite everyone to be part of this vibrant, unique and focused forum discussing „Authenticity in business”. This meetup will include networking, One minute startup pitches, presentations from our speakers and of course tasty treats and drinks will be provided.

Our monthly meetups provide ample opportunities to encourage,support,connect, and educate women in tech. We aim to provide women (and men) with a great opportunity to tap into a great community and support network of industry leaders, influencers, and bring them all together.


48 Wall St
New York, NY 10005


Thursday, January 29, 2015 from 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM (PST)


6:00 pm – Welcome! Name tags, refreshments drinks & networking
6:30 pm – Geek Girls Carrots Introduction, Speakers introductions
                “Pitching time” – ONE MINUTE for your idea!
6:45 pm – Secret Facebook speaker’s presentation
7:00 pm – Pamela Teagarden, „Authenticity in business”
7:30 pm – Kelly Hoey
8:00 pm – Wrap up and questions
8:10 pm – More Networking (snacks and drinks provided)


Speaking at January’s Meetup are:

Kelly Hoey

Kelly Hoey, Chief Marketing Officer, Cuurio // Strategist // Speaker // Board Member

Twitter: @jkhoey

Pamela Teagarden, Founder at Authentum

Secret Speaker from the New York Facebook Office.


Hosted by:

Nermine Majzoub, NYC Geek Girls Carrots Leader.

Twitter: @nerminemajzoub


Don’t forget to follow the event on Twitter at @ggcarrots. The hashtag for this event is #gocarrotsnyc.






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