About us

Geek Girls Carrots is a global grassroots organisation focused on attracting women to tech. We create community by organising meeting, workshops, and other events which gather people to share their knowledge and experience. We bring together female admins, analysts, application architects, developers, graphic designers, IT managers, programmers, social media specialists, system architects, project managers, women with startup ideas, computer science students and many more. Nowadays Geek Girls Carrots  is present in Poland, Germany, UK, Japan, Portugal, Switzerland, Holland, Israel, South Korea and Czech Republic. Since 2011, meetings have taken place in 33 cities, 15 countries. We’ve conducted about 515 regular community Carrots Meetups with 800 speakers, 46 special events, 232 workshops in Python, JavaScript, HTML, Scrum, UX. Over 1000 participants in our monthly meetings across all our cities.

Managing Team

Małgosia Ratajska-Grandin

[email protected]

The President

Małgosia is a President of Carrots Foundation. She co-founded a mobile health startup Yagram Health. In 2017 she was rewarded with a title Innovator under 35 by MIT Technology Review for the the mobile app dedicated to mums-to-be. She received his M.A. in Political Sciences from Warsaw University, she studied at Sciences Po Paris and received a French Government fellowship for her second Master at Université Panthéon-Sorbonne. Małgosia is a mother of two wonderful girls Zofia and Julia.

Kamila Sidor

[email protected]

Ex-CEO & Co-founder

Kamila is a Social Entrepriser, co-founder of Geek Girls Carrots, investor in Motivapps. In 2011, she worked in the UBIK Business Consulting & hardGAMMA Ventures, co-organised first Polish Startup Weekend and was manager of GammaRebels. She graduated from Warsaw School of Economics. Kamila enjoys public speaking and jogging at night.

Central Team

Paulina Ołtusek

[email protected]

Project manager

For several years, she’s leading in non-governmental organizations projects related to new technologies. She graduated in scientific information and library science (University of Warsaw) and early school education (The Maria Grzegorzewska University in Warsaw). In her free time she likes to listen to indie music, read books and ride a bike.

Magdalena Terefenko

[email protected]

Head of Carrots HR

Magda on a daily basis seeks to combine her experience in finance with her passion for innovation and business development. In Carrots she is responsible for HR and improvement of internal processes. She loves Italy and its cuisine, with particular weakness for Sicilian sweets. 

Ilona Skarbowska

[email protected]

I finished New Media Arts at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology. In Carrots, I was responsible for the first edition of the Code Carrots HTML5+ CSS3 Workshop in Warsaw in 2015, also I was a highly active member of the Warsaw’s Geek Girls Carrots and Head of Carrots HR (2014-2016). As the President of Carrots Foundation (May 2017 – February 2018) I was responsible for partnerships, role models and press.

Magda Maliszewska

Graphic Designer

She has graduated from University of Fine Arts in Poznań, currently she lives in Wrocław and works as a graphic designer. Huge bird lover, strongly addicted to snowboarding. Her dream is to live in Australia with hundreds of parrots.

Anna Lisowska

Social Media UK & WEBMASTER

Ania studied Sociology and Management and specialised in the field of the online advertising & marketing and e-commerce. Currently she works as Account Manager in Adkontekst. Ania is passionate about the fashion of the last century.She belongs to the historical reconstruction group Nostalgia. In Geek Girls Carrots she is responsible for Social Media UK.

Wiktoria Tomzik

[email protected]

Head of Social Media

Since I remember writing was far simpler for me than talking, both in Polish and English, so I became a copywriter, proofreader and a translator. I studied philosophy and polish philology. I listen to a lot of music and cats purring. Front-end developer. In charge of Carrots website and social media. I’d love to hear your feedback! Drop me a message at wiktoria.tomzik@gmail.com.

Local Teams

Susanne Müller

[email protected]

Zurich Organizer

Susanne trained as a microbiologist with a PhD in microbiology. After graduation, her interest in data analysis and coding pulled her towards bioinformatics and software development where she is active today. Susanne is enthusiastic about learning and sharing knowledge.

Olga Rosik-Rosinska

[email protected]

Zurich Organizer

Studied Computer Science at University of Wroclaw in Poland, moved to Zurich in 2016. Works as a software developer. Passionate about programming, learning new things and board games.

Monika Rozwałka

[email protected]

Lublin Organizer

Based in Lublin. Events coordinator, since 2011 associated with the NGO sector in Lublin, where, among others she organizes the international photo contest „Teatr w Obiektywie”. Open-minded, interested in photography, graphic design, social media, marketing and broadly understood new technologies. Not yet professionally connected with the IT industry. 😉 Proactive attitudes supporter.

Maryam Zaheri

[email protected]

Zurich Organizer

Maryam is a scientific software developer with a PhD in computational biology and a MS in computer science. She has worked as a software developer in Roche and ETHZ. Her main interests are Bioinformatics, Machine learning and Algorithm design.

Kate Rageth

[email protected]

Zurich Organizer

Kate is an UX expert and an agile product manager. She started to work in IT with interactive TV concepts back in the 90’s and and has a broad experience as product owner for business enterprise projects as well las for mobile apps. Kate’s main focus is usability, she loves to be a good interface between between the different worlds of users and developers. Kate holds an MAS in Human Computer Interaction Design. She currently runs her own startup OPcheck in order to make second opinions in Swiss medicine easier.

Jahlela Hasle

[email protected] 

Zurich Organizer

Jahlela is a software engineer with a background in product management and entrepreneurship. She has a degree in Cognitive Neuroscience from the University of California, Berkeley. Before switching to engineering, she founded two companies in the health and social sectors. She moved from San Francisco to Zurich in 2017, and currently works as a full-stack developer at Kingfluencers AG. She is passionate about photography, snowboarding, and helping more women get into tech.

Dominika Łentka

[email protected]

Head of Code Carrots Warsaw

„The life of a designer is a life of fight: fight against the ugliness.”— Massimo Vignelli. I’ve gradueted from Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology. I’m Interior and graphic designer in love with new technologies, also travelling and dancehall lover. My adventure in Geek Girls Carrots started from Java Workshops which I was co-organising and I liked it so much that I’m head of Code Carrots Warsaw now. And one more thing – I really believe that good design can save world.

Barbara Poblocka

[email protected]

Zurich Organizer

Barbara is a UX Designer & Researcher with background in Architecture and Design. She has more than 5 years of experience in creative fields. She possesses a postgraduate diploma in User Experience Design from Warsaw University of Social Sciences and Humanities.
Realised UX projects with companies such as Pictet Asset Management, PwC, Siemens, AON.
She has been working in startups, medium sized organizations and also at an international consulting company. This brought her a whole variety of experience with different industries (banking, health, insurance, engineering), users and their sometimes very specific needs, stakeholders, requirements and projects.

Angelika Alicja Pacek

Szczecin Organizer

Currently a Junior Software Engineer. Programming mainly in C++ for the Automotive industry and playing the role of Scrum Master in a team. Master of Science in Civil Engineering by education but the constant need to learn new things led her to become a programmer. She is a person that enjoys spending time on solving analytical problems and likes to challenge herself. In free time, she enjoys going to concerts or watching a good play in the theater. By becoming a volunteer at Carrots and organizing workshops, she wants to overcome unfair stereotype that programming is not for girls.

Alma Karalic

[email protected]

Zurich Organizer

Alma trained as a Linux System Administrator (Linux Professional Institute) back in 2008 and started to work in IT for small companies, mainly in Open Source field. She is enthusiastic about methods that allow computers to process and understand human languages. Her both interests in language and technology has led her to deepen the subject and currently she is a student in Mathematics and Italian Language and Literature at the University of Zurich.

Aleksandra Wołosz

[email protected]

Lublin co-organizer

Hi, Carrots!
My name is Aleksandra. I graduated from UMCS where I studied Administration. Currently, I work as Administrative & Event Specialist in eduLAB. EduLAB is the first edTECH accelerator in Poland. I’ve been linked to Edge One Solutions for three years, where I manage most of the administrative processes. I also co-organise events in Lublin’s voivodship.

Katarzyna Stempniak

[email protected]

Białystok organizer

Kasia is coordinating Geek Girls Carrots Bialystok since 2012. She works as PR Manager in interactive agency Infinity Group, she’s also co-founder and CEO of GoPoland foundation. Kasia loves technologies that connect people.

Asia Poziemska

Bydgoszcz co-organizer

With education – financier. Passionate – statistics. Trainer and coach, who love imparting her knowledge and skills. PhD student at Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz. The owner of ECD Consilis. I try to combine multiple disciplines in one mission, giving my enthusiasm and positive energy to others. My dream is become a programmer. Addicted to diving and Joanna Chmielewska books. I travel the world in search of the best coffee and wine.

Monika Ambrozowicz

Genewa Organizer

Monika was born and raised in Rzeszów, then spent 7 years in Kraków and recently moved to Geneva.
Previously a community manager of the Philippine and South African markets at Brainly, then manager of the remote team of freelancers, now she works as a global marketing & growth manager at Synerise, marketing science & automation cloud with omnichannel suite. Graduated in Polish philology (Editing, UJ), taken post-graduate studies in information architecture (UP Kraków) and e-marketing (AGH). Star Trek fan, bookworm and cat lover, she doesn’t deny being an internet addict.

Flora Barriele

Geneva Co-Organizer

I have a MSc in Computer Science from the University of Paris. I worked for 6 years as an IT operations engineer in a very big telecommunication company. I then moved to the lovely city of Lausanne in Switzerland to work as an Oracle Database engineer for the local government. I am passionate about new technologies, I love learning and I also love sharing. It is essential to me to encourage women in technology, inspire more girls to work in IT and promote diversity. That is why I joined Geek Girls Carrots in Geneva. Besides new technologies, I enjoy dancing, traveling and I love music.

Natalia Kapłańska

[email protected]

Lublin Organizer

M.A. in Psychology, IT Recruiter, Ex-chairperson of Forum Młodych Lewiatan in Lublin. Natalia started her career in international start-up. Actively working in ICT industry since 2013. Purely, she’s interested in human resources, recruitment and employer branding. She’s an enthusiast of social meet-ups. She coordinated several social projects, mainly focused on self-development, employer branding. Coordinator of the Global Entrepreneurship Week 2013 in Lublin. Privately, she is couchsurfer that discovers world with passion. She’s aimed to facilitating woman in technology, testing and programming. Let’s code girls!

Iwona Gruszka

Cracow Organizer

Founder of Iwona Gruszka Consulting, Iwona is an online business, brand and technology strategist for passionate entrepreneurs who want to overcome the fear of technology and build a strong and cohesive online presence. Iwona has also been involved in the startup scene since founding her first startup in 2013. A women empowerment advocate and international speaker. Iwona has graduated from Grand Valley State University, Cracow University of Economics and Sklodowska-Curie University. She is a two-time marathon finisher and an avid traveler. Before starting her entrepreneurial journey she had worked for international companies both in Europe and in the US. 

Aleksandra Misiura

[email protected]


Hey Carrots! I’m a student of pedagogy (last year) and computer science (first year). I decided find something to connect this different fields. That’s why I’m junior marketing manager. I’m still learning many new things and that’s awesome! I run an active life. I do a lot of sports activities like: running, cycling and aerobics. I get to know new things, visit interesting places, and people and I am enjoying with life! I’m responsible for Carrots in Szczecin, Poland

Daria Matyszewska

[email protected]

Szczecin Co-organizer

Student of management on the University of Szczecin. Social media lover. She has bachelor degree of Yournalism and Social Communication. She works in social media&marketing agency. She likes challenges and new experiences. Her head is full of ideas. In her free time she likes playing the guitar and reading books.

Justyna Wasilewska

Szczecin Organizer

A woman who decided to change her life and became a programmer during maternity leve. Passionate  about creating websites and helping other women make the first steps in the IT industry. A mother of three daughters who teaches that sky is the limit.  

Katarzyna Wrzałka

[email protected]

Trójmiasto co-organizer and Code Carrots Mentor

After finishing Applied Mathematics on Gdańsk University of Technology she had a big dilemma: „what should I do in my life”. After friends suggestion she dared to start learning programming. On her way to become programmer she had taken one stationary and few online programming courses. Now she is Python Developer working on international projects. Being thankful for a chance she has got, she wants to return the favor by co-organizing events and mentoring for newcomers. In her free time she likes to play board games, watch tv series and walking in forest.

Katarzyna Wojewódzka

[email protected]

Warsaw Code Carrots Organizer

I currently work as a Social Media & Content Marketing Specialist in a digital product design & development studio in Warsaw. I’ve got a B.A. in Psychology in Management & M.A. in Management in Virtual Environments at Kozminski University. I am a proactive and ambitious person in my professional life and as well as that in private life (I truly love playing tennis, diving and traveling). In the course of my current work I found that establishing business collaboration and contacts (e.g. during events’ organization) is definitely something I enjoy the most! Life is about the people we meet and the things we create with them. Sooo Carrots, let’s start creating something awesome!

Zuzanna Pacholczyk

Wrocław Co-organizer

I study IT at Technical University of Wroclaw. I also work as a Java developer. I love learning and improving my competences but I also like to share them to others. I’m a co-organizer of RoboCap, where we teach children robotics and programming. Geek Girls Carrots gave mi a lot of motivation when I was a participant. That’s why now I would like to do something for the organisation. If you meet me in the street or train, I will certainly handle a book and earphones with a nice music.

Aleksandra Rzewuska

Wrocław Organizer

Graduate in sociology also journalism and social communication, as a hobby. I love travels. Especially by trains. I think that I should be a happy owner of a lifetime discount for regular customers. Professionally active in the two cities: Wroclaw and Lublin. An advocate of gaining experience through volunteering and practice.

Paulina Bagińska

Berlin Organizer

Has economic background with hotel industry specialization. Loves travels, social media and new technologies. In past few years was gaining experience in Hospitality and Retail. She was working for Berlin startup “Zalando”. Nowadays is focused on improve her German, learning programming and spends her free time promoting Geek Girls Carrots in Berlin and in Germany.

Marta Kołodziejek

[email protected]

Dublin Co-organizer

I graduated from Warsaw University as a Korean translator. With my linguistic background and passion for new things I joined Microsoft crew in Warsaw and have been a Korean language localization tester for almost 2 years. This project made me excited about IT so I studied on my own, passed ISTQB exam and started working for polish company – Outbox. That experience is very precious to me as I met fantastic people and saw how Agile project management works in action. In October I moved to Dublin where I work, study and become a part of GGC.

Karolina Grudzińska

[email protected]

Ostrava‎ Organizer

Karolina studied geography and Latin-American cultural studies. She worked in a marketing department for British financial institution and tested and localized Xbox games. Currently she works as a solution consultant for paper industry in Finnish IT company. She loves travelling, visiting museum shops and well designed marketing gadgets. Her motto is: one can learn anything. Passion is what counts.

Weronika Rosowska

[email protected]

Tokio Organizer

French Philology and International Business Communications graduate, originally from Tychy.
Worked on Social Media for a major European airline, then felt for digital marketing which she continued to discover at Google.
Currently Business Development Manager at a marketing agency and business models enthusiast. Works on her own marketplace platform, loves a good sweat at the gym and Italian food.

Barbara Pobłocka

Zurich Organizer

She lives in Zurich now but originaly she is from Gdańsk. She is the co-owner of the interior design company TTAFE. She finished studies of Architecture and Urbanism but she works as a photographer as well and very soon as an UX designer. She is in love with word of new technologies, possibilities, aplications and internet. She belives thanks to the Internet the world is small and gives possibility to work in one place and live in another part of the globe. She is member of all kind of co-working spaces and in her spare time learns languages, skis and travels.