About us

Geek Girls Carrots is a global grassroots organisation focused on attracting women to tech. We create community by organising meeting, workshops, and other events which gather people to share their knowledge and experience. We bring together female admins, analysts, application architects, developers, graphic designers, IT managers, programmers, social media specialists, system architects, project managers, women with startup ideas, computer science students and many more. Nowadays Geek Girls Carrots  is present in Poland, Germany, UK, Japan, Portugal, Switzerland, Holland, Israel, South Korea and Czech Republic. Since 2011, meetings have taken place in 33 cities, 15 countries. We’ve conducted about 415 regular community Carrots Meetups with 800 speakers, 36 special events, 182 workshops in Python, JavaScript, HTML, Scrum, UX. Over 1000 participants in our monthly meetings across all our cities.

Managing Team

Kamila Sidor

[email protected]

Ex-CEO & Co-founder

Kamila is a Social Entrepriser, co-founder of Geek Girls Carrots, investor in Motivapps. In 2011, she worked in the UBIK Business Consulting & hardGAMMA Ventures, co-organised first Polish Startup Weekend and was manager of GammaRebels. She graduated from Warsaw School of Economics. Kamila enjoys public speaking and jogging at night.

Ilona Skarbowska

[email protected]

The President

I finished New Media Arts at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology. In Carrots, I was responsible for the first edition of the Code Carrots HTML5+ CSS3 Workshop in Warsaw in 2015, also I was a highly active member of the Warsaw’s Geek Girls Carrots and Head of Carrots HR (2014-2016). In May 2017 i became The President of Carrots Foundation. As the President I’m responsible for partnerships, role models and press.

Central Team

Paulina Ołtusek

[email protected]

Project manager

For several years, she’s leading in non-governmental organizations projects related to new technologies. She graduated in scientific information and library science (University of Warsaw) and early school education (The Maria Grzegorzewska University in Warsaw). In her free time she likes to listen to indie music, read books and ride a bike.

Magdalena Terefenko

[email protected]

Head of Carrots HR

Magda on a daily basis seeks to combine her experience in finance with her passion for innovation and business development. In Carrots she is responsible for HR and improvement of internal processes. She loves Italy and its cuisine, with particular weakness for Sicilian sweets. 

Magda Reyman

[email protected]

Branding Manager

I’m a Digital Designer and I specialise mostly in Web Design and Branding. In my spare time I try to improve my skills and develop my knowledge, because, besides the satisfaction that design gives me, it is my hobby. I currently work and live in Stockholm but you never know what the future holds.

Magda Maliszewska

Graphic Designer

She has graduated from University of Fine Arts in Poznań, currently she lives in Wrocław and works as a graphic designer. Huge bird lover, strongly addicted to snowboarding. Her dream is to live in Australia with hundreds of parrots.

Anna Lisowska

Social Media UK & WEBMASTER

Ania studied Sociology and Management and specialised in the field of the online advertising & marketing and e-commerce. Currently she works as Account Manager in Adkontekst. Ania is passionate about the fashion of the last century.She belongs to the historical reconstruction group Nostalgia. In Geek Girls Carrots she is responsible for Social Media UK.

Wiktoria Tomzik

[email protected]

Head of Social Media

Since I remember writing was far simpler for me than talking, both in Polish and English, so I became a copywriter, proofreader and a translator. I studied philosophy and polish philology. I listen to a lot of music and cats purring. Front-end developer. In charge of Carrots website and social media. I’d love to hear your feedback! Drop me a message at wiktoria.tomzik@gmail.com.

Monika Synoradzka

[email protected]

Events support

Monika works as Chief Marketing Officer for SpeedUp Venture Capital Group. She is initiator and organizer many events i.e.: Hive 61, Poznań Startup Weekend, Makerspace Poznań, Poznań Offline Party. Monika is also one of co-founders and evangelist Startup Poznań projects. She has a thirst of knowledge and exploration of everything that is connected with marketing, public relations, startups and new technologies.
From 2012 to 2014 she initiated and developed Geek Girls Carrots in Poznań. Now she shares her knowledge and helps new organizers with building their community and organizing events.

Kamila Stępniowska


ex-COO (May 2012 - June 2015)

As COO of GGC Kamila had an influence on the organization’s mission, vision and structure. Her main contributions are educational programs & global growth. She is the inventor and coordinator of Django Carrots and Code Carrots programming workshops in US, Canada, Europe. In 2013 she moved to U.S., where she was responsible for the creation of local chapters and fundraising. She had a significant role in GGC chapters in New York, Berlin, Seattle, Łódź, Warsaw, London, and Tokyo. Currently she is a COO & Partner at Linque Solutions, advisor at She’s Coding and public speaker. As a PhD student, Kamila researched an open source programming project at Chair of Sociology of Culture, Institute of Sociology (University of Warsaw). Amateur photographer, Japanese culture fan, runner.

Local Teams

Dominika Łentka

[email protected]

Head of Code Carrots Warsaw

„The life of a designer is a life of fight: fight against the ugliness.”— Massimo Vignelli. I’ve gradueted from Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology. I’m Interior and graphic designer in love with new technologies, also travelling and dancehall lover. My adventure in Geek Girls Carrots started from Java Workshops which I was co-organising and I liked it so much that I’m head of Code Carrots Warsaw now. And one more thing – I really believe that good design can save world.

Asia Jackowska

Amsterdam Organizer

Asia is a graphic designer and front-end developer based in Amsterdam. She studied Media Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, Poland. She loves new technology, using programming in art projects, UX and photography. Asia is a big fan of cheap flight tickets, hitchhiking, meeting new people and hearing their www.asiajackowska.com

Katarzyna Stempniak

[email protected]

Białystok organizer

Kasia is coordinating Geek Girls Carrots Bialystok since 2012. She works as PR Manager in interactive agency Infinity Group, she’s also co-founder and CEO of GoPoland foundation. Kasia loves technologies that connect people.

Asia Poziemska

Bydgoszcz co-organizer

With education – financier. Passionate – statistics. Trainer and coach, who love imparting her knowledge and skills. PhD student at Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz. The owner of ECD Consilis. I try to combine multiple disciplines in one mission, giving my enthusiasm and positive energy to others. My dream is become a programmer. Addicted to diving and Joanna Chmielewska books. I travel the world in search of the best coffee and wine.

Ania Trybuszewska

[email protected]

Bydgoszcz co-organizer

I am an engineer of computing on computer networks. I work in Atos . I’m also vice-chairman in Educational Foundation “Rozmaici”. I love gadgets, especially with Apple logo ;). I’m very positive person who always find water drop in the empty glass. I like cooking, play games and doing a lot of things. I’m never bored.

Monika Ambrozowicz

Genewa Organizer

Monika was born and raised in Rzeszów, then spent 7 years in Kraków and recently moved to Geneva.
Previously a community manager of the Philippine and South African markets at Brainly, then manager of the remote team of freelancers, now she works as a global marketing & growth manager at Synerise, marketing science & automation cloud with omnichannel suite. Graduated in Polish philology (Editing, UJ), taken post-graduate studies in information architecture (UP Kraków) and e-marketing (AGH). Star Trek fan, bookworm and cat lover, she doesn’t deny being an internet addict.

Flora Barriele

Geneva Co-Organizer

I have a MSc in Computer Science from the University of Paris. I worked for 6 years as an IT operations engineer in a very big telecommunication company. I then moved to the lovely city of Lausanne in Switzerland to work as an Oracle Database engineer for the local government. I am passionate about new technologies, I love learning and I also love sharing. It is essential to me to encourage women in technology, inspire more girls to work in IT and promote diversity. That is why I joined Geek Girls Carrots in Geneva. Besides new technologies, I enjoy dancing, traveling and I love music.

Paula Dulnik

[email protected]

Kielce co-organizer

Absolwentka Studium Fotografii na Politechnice Krakowskiej i Uniwersytetu Jana Kochanowskiego w Kielcach. Obecnie pracuje jako specjalista ds. mediów społecznościowych w Institute of Design Kielce. Współtworzyła kwartalnik Puls Przedsiębiorczości wydanie social media – design dla Kieleckiego Parku  Technologicznego.

Małgorzata Plichta


Kielce co-organizer

M.A. in Philosophy, English teacher, ex-hitchhiker. She’s founded Magistrant.pl, an app facilitating the process of theses’ writing. Her newest goal is to become a Really Good Programmer. Code Carrots Kielce workshops have become the apple of her eye. She likes riding a bike, starting campfires and planning to reach the North Pole one day.

Natalia Kapłańska

[email protected]

Lublin Organizer

M.A. in Psychology, IT Recruiter, Ex-chairperson of Forum Młodych Lewiatan in Lublin. Natalia started her career in international start-up. Actively working in ICT industry since 2013. Purely, she’s interested in human resources, recruitment and employer branding. She’s an enthusiast of social meet-ups. She coordinated several social projects, mainly focused on self-development, employer branding. Coordinator of the Global Entrepreneurship Week 2013 in Lublin. Privately, she is couchsurfer that discovers world with passion. She’s aimed to facilitating woman in technology, testing and programming. Let’s code girls!

Jagoda Kwiecień

[email protected]

Lublin Organizer

Jagoda is a StartUp Animator and Online Marketing Specialist at the Lublin Science and Technology Park. She gained her first work experience in the interactive agency Pozytywnie.pl, where after two years she was responsible for creating and implementing communication strategies for key clients, as well as for leading the social media team. Currently, she supports startups from the Lublin voivodship. She has organized many conferences, workshops and training courses for young entrepreneurs, and coordinated acceleration competitions. She is addicted to the Internet, good coffee and conversations with inspiring people.

Agata Bublewicz

[email protected]

Koszalin PyCode Carrots Organizer

I’m a student of Technical University of Koszalin. In my spare time I blog and edit articles related to programming, as well as write programs myself. I enjoy spending time on social networks and keeping track of the latest news related to IT and new technologies.

Alicja Jankiewicz

Koszalin PyCode Carrots Organizer

Analytical mind with wide range of interests. Graduated from Film Studies. Worked in various places: from factories to film industry, as a SEO/SEM specialist and as a librarian. After many years in Poznan came back to home village and now reads everything – books, newspapers and shampoo labels.

Monika Zielińska

Koszalin PyCode Carrots Organizer

My name is Monika. My passion is writing stories, baking cakes and playing adventure gaes. I am not associated with the IT industry, but i like new challanges – hence my assistance PyCode Carrots Koszalin.

Radosław Wojciechowsk

Koszalin PyCode Carrots Organizer

In love with software testing and SCRUM. Former community manager and journalist. Working in Silicon Valley based company. Cooking and boarg games are my free time activities.

Damian Giebas

Koszalin PyCode Carrots Organizer

Big fan Open Source movement, Linuks, HaikuOS and BSD systems. Raring programmer of C\C++ and Python. Antyfun of Java and .NET. Addicted to TV series and movies, but still love retro cRPG. Board game and card game fun. On a daily embedded programmer in GlobalLogic.

Iwona Gruszka

Cracow Organizer

Founder of Iwona Gruszka Consulting, Iwona is an online business, brand and technology strategist for passionate entrepreneurs who want to overcome the fear of technology and build a strong and cohesive online presence. Iwona has also been involved in the startup scene since founding her first startup in 2013. A women empowerment advocate and international speaker. Iwona has graduated from Grand Valley State University, Cracow University of Economics and Sklodowska-Curie University. She is a two-time marathon finisher and an avid traveler. Before starting her entrepreneurial journey she had worked for international companies both in Europe and in the US. 

Ewelina Choroba

[email protected]

Łódź co-organizer

She is graduate of the Innovative Economy Organization Technical University of Lodz. She’s addicted to the newest world’s technology, always in pursuit of the current trends on the market. Esthete and perfectionist. She’s associated with the Fine Performance company. In free time She’s  a creative layman of photography.



Anna Krzyżanowska

[email protected]

Łódź co-organizer

Ania holds a MSc degree in Genetics from the University of Lodz, currently working on a PhD at IMB PAS. Her past experience includes training in forensic lab which gave her a real kick. Co-founded Boost Biotech Poland. In addition she started learning web development. After work Ania practises ashtanga yoga, rides bike and keeps on dreaming about owning a pug.

Agnieszka Świecznik

[email protected]


Agnieszka is a front-end developer for 2 years, a programmer for more than 3 years. Currently, she creates web applications, consults graphics and tries to keep code clean and maintanable in Inovatica. She loves microinteractions, animations and everything that makes webpage unique and beautiful. Everywhere she goes, she tries to share her knowledge and to learn as mush as she can from others. In free time she watches a lot of tv series, eats huge amounts of chocolate and occasionally crochets.

Oliwia Chojnacka

[email protected]

Olsztyn organizer

Mathemathician. Studying computer science at the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn.
In her spare time she likes blogging, reading, drawing and searching for new inspirations.
Social media fan, who thinks that programming is not as bad as it looks like at first glance.

Joanna Antkowiak

[email protected]

Poznań ogranizer

An English philology graduate, interested in social media, e-marketing and public relations, trying to turn her passion into career. Working in Allegro Group, she learns first-hand about e-commerce. In her free time passionate about photography and travels: both domestic and transcontinental. After travelling to Japan on her own, she realized that she was ready to do everything it would take to make her dreams come true. Definitely not afraid of challenges, and therefore she become a proud member of Poznań Team.

Maria Urbanek

[email protected]

Poznań Ogranizer

Maria is a strategist and loves working with new technologies. She worked in Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, VC/PE funds and capital market consulting company – CMT Advisory.  Currently she uses her broad experiences in strategic management, marketing and online product development in her own businessan interactive agency Kreatik, where she is a co-founder.

Joanna Ignaczak

[email protected]


Asia, HR & Employer Branding Specialist working in the new technologies business. Combining marketing background with passion of writing and creating compelling content. Organizing events (job fairs, team-building events, hackathons, IT meetups) and managing communication strategies. She strongly belives that one day has more than 24 hours. Bookworm, especially when it comes to a crime novels. In her free time she loves to test new recipes from the old cookbooks.

Marta Kłobukowska

[email protected]


A graduate then employee of Department of Mathematics and Computer Science AMU. Her daily duties involve developing application and technical support of department’s staff. She is interested in Internet technologies and online marketing. She is proactive and she loves to organize events. Positive emotions propels her into action. After-hours she participates in IT events and she’s big fan of board games.

Aleksandra Kornecka

Poznań Test Carrots ORGANIZER

She is a skilled and passionate cognitivist and software quality guard. The everyday life researcher. In love with IT since 2 years, preferably in role of Quality Assurance Engineer and user experience specialist. You can meet her visiting various IT events and Geek Girls Carrots meetings too, obviously. Moreover, she is keen on haptic technology, Denmark, Spyder Spyker and tango argentino dance. On the 2nd-3rd April 2016 in Poznań, Poland she organizes the Test Carrots workshop with a team of wonderful girls who test software – the team spontaneously formed into Girls Who Test group.

Dominika Jędrzejczak

Poznań Test Carrots Organizer

Her IT adventure was inspired by her older brother. She graduated from math-IT high school and informatics on Poznan University of Technology. Her career started in “ Bank Zachodni WBK” bank, firstly as customer support, then as the specialist of AT systems development. Here she started her experience with software quality by writing test scenarios and managing the test runs. From October 2014 in company Pearson IOKI, where she develops her passion to testing with special care of automatization in Protractor/Cucumber. The fan of Marvel films, anime and TESO. In her spare time she likes playing board games and wandering in Bieszczady mountains.

Natalia Pawlak

Poznań Test Carrots Organizer

When I was a child I wanted to become a computer scientist. I graduated Poznan University of Technology for two reasons – the first to be a computer scientist (child dream accomplished!) and the second – to find a husband. Eventually I hadn’t found husband at the university, but still I was determinated to stay in IT – so I became a software tester. Currently I’m the project manager in IT company, but, of course, sometimes I still do testing ;). In my spare time I play football in a female football team

Justyna Mazur

Poznań Test Carrots Organizer

Cognitive Science and Special Needs Education graduate. Thanks to Geek Girls Carrots she believed that IT is also for her. She is fascinated by software quality assurance since she started working in Currency One more than a year ago. Taking on challenges influenced her private life – she learns classical ballet and sewing using a sewing machine.

Karolina Pawłowska

Poznań Test Carrots Organizer

Karolina has worked in IT for 5 years. She tests software and manages the tasks for developers. She loves the teamwork and knowledge sharing. In her spare time she likes fishing, reading the books, playing computer games and board games.

Martyna Wilkońska

Poznań Test Carrots Organizer

Martyna works in IT for more than 1 year. Her obsession is the highest quality related with economical analysis. She tests software, write test scenarios and make test plans. She loves the teamwork and knowledge sharing. In her spare time she likes to deepen her knowledge, to play with her dog Alex, to read the books and to play computer games.

Dorota Zabielska

Poznań Test Carrots Organizer

Dorota has worked as QA Engineer since June 2015. She (as probably many people do) didn’t know what to do for living for a long time. She used to work in many professions: a social organiser, a saleswoman, a real estate agent. In 2014, she was lucky to meet wonderful people in IT, who introduced her to testing. Today she considers herself one of the happiest people on the planet because of what she does. Currently, she works with a group of awesome people from Currency One. In her spare time she sings in a choir, practices yoga and plays board games.

Małgorzata Wojtysiak

Poznań Test Carrots Organizer

Gosia studied sociology and that’s why she thinks she knows how to manage things. She is a food lover, a retired hitchhiker, a PR & Office Manager at Pearson IOKI by day. She was captivated by new technologies used particularly by women. She likes people, especially those with passion.

Magdalena Gołza

Poznań Test Carrots Organizer

Always smiling and full of positive energy! Magda studies, works and develops her passions. Previously worked in the events industry, a half year ago have started her adventure with IT. Love challenges and active people, that’s why she committed to Girls Who Test!

Monika Filipkowska

[email protected]


Monika graduated sociology but she fell in love with programming and programmers. She works as Front-End Developer for Cognifide. Incurable optimist, activist, runner, fantasy lover and chocolateholic. Monika is organizer of TEDxPoznań, Rails Girls Poznań, Devoxx4Kids, Poznań Offline Party, Startup Weekend Kids and PyCode Carrots.

Olga Golonka

[email protected]

Rzeszów organizer, CKO

A lawyer that literally lives and breathes Internet. She decided to leave the law for the passion for new media. „Child” of non-profit organization –ELSA (project manager and Public Relations). She is interested in everything related to the web and social media. As CKO she is responsible for knowledge resources in the organization.



Ewa Neuman

Silesia co-organizer

Humanist with a passion for coding. Since childhood examines the world and puts it in a logical structure. Lover of poetry – the language of ciphers and encryption in HTML. Grow up surrounded by graphics – has a special feelings for graphics software. Working as an e-marketing specialist, began her career as a website editor. Believe in the power of a good content. Born in Warsaw, in love with Bytom. In her spare time, Ewa walks on a long trips or enjoys coffee and a piece of (carrot) cake.

Aleksandra Misiura

[email protected]


Hey Carrots! I’m a student of pedagogy (last year) and computer science (first year). I decided find something to connect this different fields. That’s why I’m junior marketing manager. I’m still learning many new things and that’s awesome! I run an active life. I do a lot of sports activities like: running, cycling and aerobics. I get to know new things, visit interesting places, and people and I am enjoying with life! I’m responsible for Carrots in Szczecin, Poland

Daria Matyszewska

[email protected]

Szczecin Co-organizer

Student of management on the University of Szczecin. Social media lover. She has bachelor degree of Yournalism and Social Communication. She works in social media&marketing agency. She likes challenges and new experiences. Her head is full of ideas. In her free time she likes playing the guitar and reading books.

Justyna Wasilewska

Szczecin Organizer

A woman who decided to change her life and became a programmer during maternity leve. Passionate  about creating websites and helping other women make the first steps in the IT industry. A mother of three daughters who teaches that sky is the limit.  

Beata Young

Toruń Organizer

Beata Young  figure in the startup scene generally she is keen to specifically encourage women. She is Chairman and a co-founder of Mission: Torun , the startup community in Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Toruń. Building on that innovative legacy, she has been the local coordinator for women in technology group Geek Girls Carrots and is MD of the tech cafe space Hanza Cafe from which she has mentored women and startups from around the region. Recently Beata has been working on her startup Hanza Trade which is a unique social community crowdfunding platform for local development. Her achievement have been recently acknowledged by the organisers of Europe’s largest IT event, “Web Summit” with an invitation to join the “Women In Tech”.

Marta Majchrzyk

[email protected]

Code Carrots Scrum Organizer

Marta is connected with marketing area. She started her journey from trainee in advertising agency DDB in Warsaw (digital projects) and found her place in marketing department focusing on one brand. Digital marketing and Project Management are her passions. Business: formed by Compendium MBA (Quest Change Managers) & One Minute Manager by Blanchard. Ideologically: existentialism (Sartre) and Marketing 3.0 (Kotler). Currently focused on: Social Media, Marketing 3.0, Erasmus for Entrepreneurs, Startups, Scrum, WordPress. A little bif of her business experience: https://pl.linkedin.com/in/martamajchrzyk/pl

Katarzyna Wrzałka

[email protected]

Trójmiasto co-organizer and Code Carrots Mentor

After finishing Applied Mathematics on Gdańsk University of Technology she had a big dilemma: „what should I do in my life”. After friends suggestion she dared to start learning programming. On her way to become programmer she had taken one stationary and few online programming courses. Now she is Python Developer working on international projects. Being thankful for a chance she has got, she wants to return the favor by co-organizing events and mentoring for newcomers. In her free time she likes to play board games, watch tv series and walking in forest.

Jowita Kessler

[email protected]

Trójmisto co-organizer

International relations graduate, humanist planning to retrain in programming. Copywriter. Volunteer & social activist. Geek, bookworm, traveler, cat lady and chocaholic. 

Bloger at damapikowa.pl, author at arytmia.eu. Dreams of seeing a nocturnal rainbow and sneezing while asleep.

Kamila Bilska

Warsaw Co-organizer

I develop my German mind and my French soul every day in digital agency, where I work as a strategist. I direct communication of brands, using new technologies. My personal strategy for a happy life is to support the development of others. New technologies and promoting development are also areas of activity Geek Girls Carrots. So I am living proof that ‚like attracts like’. My actions are based on knowledge I acquired during my 2 studies – Management & Marketing and Psychology.

Artur Jendrzejewski


Artur is a small businessman. Previously he worked in many companies at various positions. Currently he wants to re-qualify on the front-end developer.
He loves basketball, traveling and a cup of coffee

Paulina Ścieżka


Paulina is a Spanish interpreter but it’s only a small part of her life. Teaching interpreting at the university, singing in a classical choir, helping in the organization of Special Olympic Games and now Code Carrots, she follows her motto „keep learning till the end”. Now focused on IT, particularly, on PM issues.

Katarzyna Wojewódzka

[email protected]

Warsaw Code Carrots Organizer

I currently work as a Social Media & Content Marketing Specialist in a digital product design & development studio in Warsaw. I’ve got a B.A. in Psychology in Management & M.A. in Management in Virtual Environments at Kozminski University. I am a proactive and ambitious person in my professional life and as well as that in private life (I truly love playing tennis, diving and traveling). In the course of my current work I found that establishing business collaboration and contacts (e.g. during events’ organization) is definitely something I enjoy the most! Life is about the people we meet and the things we create with them. Sooo Carrots, let’s start creating something awesome!



Kasia is a UX designer with non-obvious background (international relations graduate, with experience in financial audit, utilities and public sector consulting). She is a true believer of User Centered Design and 10 rules of Dieter Rams. Twin Peaks and David Lynch maniac, wife of a Java ninja and mom of a little Lego lover. Loves to learn new stuff, assemble Ikea furniture and travel to places where palm trees grow.

Małgorzata Ksionek

Code Carrots Ruby ORGANIZER

Web-developer by choice, psychologist by education. She believes that everyone should have an opportunity to try coding, but not everyone has to like it. She took to it like a duck to water from the get-go, that is why she works as Junior Rails Developer at Positionly.

Barbara Litwińska

Code Carrots Ruby ORGANIZER

Graduated from the Faculty of Electronics at the Warsaw University of Technology. Webdeveloper at KOLEO and mentor at Girls Code Fun. In addition to programming, she likes sleeping and cats.

Zuzanna Pacholczyk

Wrocław Co-organizer

I study IT at Technical University of Wroclaw. I also work as a Java developer. I love learning and improving my competences but I also like to share them to others. I’m a co-organizer of RoboCap, where we teach children robotics and programming. Geek Girls Carrots gave mi a lot of motivation when I was a participant. That’s why now I would like to do something for the organisation. If you meet me in the street or train, I will certainly handle a book and earphones with a nice music.

Anna Karolczak

[email protected]


My history is very different, because once I was a mother and wife. Now I’m just a mother. The experience taught me that life is only one. I started my studies in computer science. Early I was food technologist and I’m worked as an embroiderer. Now I work as data engineer in Poznan. When I met GGC I wanted to take part in a workshop with the Python in Gdansk. Unfortunately I wrote in declaration that I am student computer science, and you are know what happened- They rejected me. And It was the first step forward. Later I organized workshops with Python in Poznan and Devoxx4Kids 2016. Now I will start organizations Devoxx4Kids 2017 and Workshop with Java. I’m very happy when I see new people who learn language programming.

Aleksandra Rzewuska

Wrocław Organizer

Graduate in sociology also journalism and social communication, as a hobby. I love travels. Especially by trains. I think that I should be a happy owner of a lifetime discount for regular customers. Professionally active in the two cities: Wroclaw and Lublin. An advocate of gaining experience through volunteering and practice.

Ania Naruniec

Wrocław Organizer

Student of Wroclaw University of Technology, still getting familiar with SAP. In free time addicted to cooking, travelling and improving programming skills. She could live with selling her cheesecake

Joanna Kochel

[email protected]

Wrocław Organizer

Joanna is a Data Analyst in a big company for 2 years already. Before that she worked as a Python Developer. The main technology she work with is python and all its libraries connected to databases, mathematics, data analysis, big data and machine learning. She is still a student of Applied Mathematics at Wroclaw University of Science and Technology. In a private life she is passionate about modernized traditional dance from the western Europe (balfolk) and travelling (she loves coach surfing). In Carrots she is a local organizer in Wrocław and mentor at workshops connected to her skills.

Paulina Bagińska

Berlin Organizer

Has economic background with hotel industry specialization. Loves travels, social media and new technologies. In past few years was gaining experience in Hospitality and Retail. She was working for Berlin startup “Zalando”. Nowadays is focused on improve her German, learning programming and spends her free time promoting Geek Girls Carrots in Berlin and in Germany.

Alexandra Strekalova

[email protected]

Berlin Co-organizer

Originally I come from Saint-Petersburg, Russia and have been living in Berlin since 2005. I have a degree in Linguistics and Computer Science from HU and Potsdam University. For the past three years I was working as a Java developer in a price comparison website company idealo. My hobbies include painting, watching good movies, playing badminton. I miss more women working in IT and am very excited about organizing events and facilitating networking to improve this situation.

Jolanta Żukowska

Dresden Organizer

Before she moves to Dresden in 2014, she lived 12 years in Bonn. At the moment she is working in a company that provides comprehensive engineering and consulting services in End-To-End Automation, Manufacturing IT and Enterprise Integration Solutions. On the weekend she is studying IT Systems in Supply Chain Management (industrial engineer). She is enthusiast on kaizen, lean production and lean startup. She is organizer of some events i.e.:Startup Weekend Dresden, Codeweek in Dresden. She loves chocolate, connected people and art.

Annabelle Atchison

Dublin organizer

CEO & Founder of Social Business Consultancy 42ponies*, had her first (AOL) email address when she was 13. Since then she’s been living and loving online.After being Microsoft Germany’s first Social Media lead and then Director of digital agency 33 Digital, she’s now helping companies as well as agencies transform themselves into Social Businesses. Annabelle is an experienced keynote speaker on the topics of Social Business, Social Media, Social Governance and Internal Communications. In 2014 she published her „Social Business” book.

Marta Kołodziejek

[email protected]

Dublin Co-organizer

I graduated from Warsaw University as a Korean translator. With my linguistic background and passion for new things I joined Microsoft crew in Warsaw and have been a Korean language localization tester for almost 2 years. This project made me excited about IT so I studied on my own, passed ISTQB exam and started working for polish company – Outbox. That experience is very precious to me as I met fantastic people and saw how Agile project management works in action. In October I moved to Dublin where I work, study and become a part of GGC.

Justyna Żelazo

[email protected]

Gibraltar Organizer

For several years she’s been working as a social projects manager.She is a co-founder and a vice-president of Associacion for People with Hand Defects. Co-author of Smart With Kids blog. In July 2014 she turned her world upside down when she moved to Gibraltar in search for sunshine and mornings by the sea. She loves photography, hula hoop dance and new challenges. She is a dedicated graphic designer.

Sandra Wolf

[email protected]

Lisboa Event Coordinator

Polish by birth, but Lisboeta by heart, Sandra works at JOBBOX.io managing sales. Her colleagues call her the Wolf of Lisbon. She also works with the tech incubator Startup Lisboa on International Partnerships and Startup Lisboa Accelerator.

Sandra has a degree in Russian Philology, and is still fighting with Masters in Management, but work and startups are winning.

Before discovering Portugal, Sandra worked in the UK on the hardware side, selling ruggedized and embedded computers, running marketing campaigns (for defence, medical, oil and gas, rail, marine sectors) and organizing overseas gaming exhibitions (G2E – Vegas)

In Poland, she was once an actor and organizer at the Street Art Theatre festival ‚Feta’, as well as a model and stylist.

Mixture of craziness and charm. Future coder.

Laughs loud and stays foolish, but hungry like a wolf. Her name suits her well.

Marta Okońska

[email protected]

London Organizer

Marta is originally from Poland and received education in Poland, UK and Spain. She graduated from the University of Westminster in 2014, where she studied International Business with Spanish. Passionate about the start-up world, she spent her recent years working for various international Start-ups in Spain and England. Aims to develop her own product and expand it worldwide. Marta loves languages, travelling and sport activities such a road cycling and running.

Magdalena Dziwisz

London Co-Organizer

Having obtained a degree In Polish Philology Magda’s career took a drastic turn as she commenced to work in the field of marketing and Public Relations. It all started with various internships and courses and led to a position of PR and marketing specialist in cosmetic industry. Despite all this she has never forgotten her editorial origins. Since 2014 she is a chief editor of her own lifestyle e-magazine „LifeStyle Muse” (https://issuu.com/lifestylemuse) and describes herself as social media and communication enthusiast which role in modern society she describes as crucial. That in turn has led to her involvement in activities taken up by GGC in Rzeszów. And now she is co-organiser GGC London. In free time she is illustrator and graphic designer.

Nermine Majzoub

New York City organizer

Born and raised in Lebanon, she moved to California where she worked as a web developer and pursued her graduate studies in finance. After graduation, New York was her next step to start career as a financial analyst. Recently, she competed in the Global Fashion Tech Battle during Startup weekend. “Petitas”, a trendy centralized market place and fashion community for petites women supported by aspirational content, was the outcome of this competition and her new found passion. That being said, living in NYC offered her the opportunity to meet and connect with amazing innovators, entrepreneurs and influencers. When she’s not an analyst nor working on Petitas, she spend her time kickboxing, running, reading, cooking and hosting dinners.

Vandana Gupta

[email protected]

New Delhi Organizer

Vandana is a branding-marketing professional, currently an aspiring entrepreneur. She holds a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and an MBA in Communications Management. She has worked with one of India’s fastest growing FMCG companies as a Brand Manager and has also headed Strategic Alliances for the country’s largest online food ordering aggregator. Like a true Aquarian, she loves to mingle with people from all walks of life. Her interests include travelling, reading and photography.

Karolina Grudzińska

[email protected]

Ostrava‎ Organizer

Karolina studied geography and Latin-American cultural studies. She worked in a marketing department for British financial institution and tested and localized Xbox games. Currently she works as a solution consultant for paper industry in Finnish IT company. She loves travelling, visiting museum shops and well designed marketing gadgets. Her motto is: one can learn anything. Passion is what counts.

Adrienne Kerr

Seattle co-organizer

Sanda Htyte

[email protected]

GGC Seattle Organizer

Sanda Htyte is an award-winning producer and journalist. Before arriving in Seattle, she worked with WNYC Radio Rookies as a documentarian educating NYC teens. She hails from NYC and hopes to break the infamous “Seattle Freeze.” When she’s not driving Lyft she’s writing, ideating and working on her journalism training app.


Sarah Guermond

Seattle Organizer

Semi Park

Seoul Organizer

Semi Park working as Business Development manager for Nexon Korea (Online&Mobile Game company based in Korea, and Japan). She has involved to contract many mobile game developer (almost Korean and Japan). Before BD Manager, She was online game project manager for develop team and oversea publisher. She had interested in HTML as she was child, and after graduate university, she decided to join IT industry. She studied Business and Japanese in Korea & Japan, lived 3 years in Japan. She likes Scuba Diving and writing on blog.

Lee Rubin

[email protected]

Tel Aviv Co-organizer

Lee Rubin is the founder of Wekudo, a marketplace for corporate events and activities. It was at the University of Florida where Lee started exploring the idea of being happy. When she worked for a few years in corporate sales after college, she saw companies struggle with turnover and employee satisfaction. She built Wekudo to help address that struggle and instill happiness back into the lives of employees. Lee has a special interest in art and design and believes the road to corporate success is a superior customer experience. Based between TLV and NYC, she’s determined to uncover the secrets to corporate well being and customer satisfaction. She also loves cat Youtube videos, IKEA catalogues and colored markers.


[email protected]

Tokyo Organizer Geek Girls Carrots

Kyuyon is coordinating Geek Girls Carrots in Japan, especially in Tokyo. She works as a freelance consultant for game companies. Prior to stand her business, She had worked for CyberAgent, an internet company based in Japan, as an overseas business manager. She’s going on business trip to many Asian countries every month and meet up with many people who are in IT&Tech. 

Weronika Rosowska

[email protected]

Tokio Organizer

French Philology and International Business Communications graduate, originally from Tychy.
Worked on Social Media for a major European airline, then felt for digital marketing which she continued to discover at Google.
Currently Business Development Manager at a marketing agency and business models enthusiast. Works on her own marketplace platform, loves a good sweat at the gym and Italian food.

Barbara Pobłocka

Zurich Organizer

She lives in Zurich now but originaly she is from Gdańsk. She is the co-owner of the interior design company TTAFE. She finished studies of Architecture and Urbanism but she works as a photographer as well and very soon as an UX designer. She is in love with word of new technologies, possibilities, aplications and internet. She belives thanks to the Internet the world is small and gives possibility to work in one place and live in another part of the globe. She is member of all kind of co-working spaces and in her spare time learns languages, skis and travels.

Susanne Müller


Susanne trained as a biologist and graduated from ETH Zurich with a PhD in microbiology. After graduation she first worked in the intellectual property department of a pharmaceutical company. However, her interest in data analysis and coding soon pulled her towards a career in bioinformatics where she is active today. Susanne is enthusiastic about learning and sharing knowledge and is a keen beekeeper.


Małgorzata Rzygałowska

Code Carrots Mentor

Gosia gained her experience in analysis and reporting in Sql and 4gl languages in telco industry. She graduated from the Faculty of Economic Sciences at Warsaw University. Currently she develops the International Marketing Platform for Amex. Personally loves riding bike, dancing salsa and trying new things.

Michał Szklarski

Code Carrots Mentor

Software developer, co-founder and team leader in Nex10, also a student of Computer Science at the Warsaw University of Technology. Also a leader of Computer Science Club (Koło Naukowe Informatyków) there. When not occupied by above, he love learning new things, challenges and especially cycling.

Katarzyna Rybicka

Code Carrots Mentor

Information technology student, works as Quality Assurance. Loves ambitious challenges, learning new things (computer science especially) and addicted to improving skills. In private life – star wars fan, music enthusiast and bookworm.

Krzysiek Płocharz

Main Django Carrots & Code Carrots mentor

Krzysiek as a ten-year-old boy made friends with an Atari computer and with programming, which in the end led to the graduation in informatics and becoming a programmer.  As a result, the company Startupz currently has in its team a Python programmer. If he is not writing a code, he is probably playing the piano (unless it is winter, in winter he goes skiing).


Marek Stępniowski

Django Carrots & Code Carrots mentor

In his career he built and deployed websites, optimized databases, designed user interfaces, worked on artificial intelligence and data mining algorithms, coded browser-based rich MVC applications, parsed huge XML files, interfaced with many 3rd party APIs and created some APIs of his own.

Alicja Borzyszkowska

Code Carrots Mentor

Enthusiast of new technologies. As a child she preferred to take it apart than to build something. She graduated from GdańskTechnical University and her major was computer science. Specializes in parallel processing. Rector Award winner for best group project in 2014 -a system consisting of several cameras Kinect, which in real-time display and analyze images. Currently involved in the Intel Education (teaching computer science without computers). She believes in the approach of „Pay it forward” -you need to give others a chance that you have received.

Konrad Brodzik

Code Carrots Mentor

Software developer, Python meetuporganizer. Graduated from a liberal arts high school to major in computer science.Specializes in Internet applications and computer networks. Passionate teacher -hewill use all methods, including( but not limited to)talking, drawing and dancing -to help you understand programming. Does martial arts and cuddling llamas for a hobby.

Piotr Skamruk

Code Carrots Mentor

He started at the Technical University of Lublin, and later worked in several start-up’s oriented on Python or OpenSource. Currentlyhe worksat Intel for OpenStack. Avid communitylover:). The old Atari doesn’t hold any secrets for him, he’s always keen to know another programming language. He loves sailing, shanties and other pirate stuff.

Grzesiek Kapkowski

Django Carrots mentor

A hothead without a degree, but with a cellar full of wine, shelves full of books and a head full of ideas. Still looking for his place and a new job to fill free time, currently it is programming. He has programmed using Python for 5 years. He started to learn the language with Django projects still in version 0.96. He currently works at uTest.

Alicja Baszak

Django Carrots mentor

Alicja Baszak studies informatics at the University of Warsaw. Her adventure with Django started on the first edition of Django Carrots workshop. She developed her skills writing program projects at the university and application for the employees of University of Warsaw. As a result, in the second edition of workshop she became a mentor. In spare time she reads five books at a time and sails.

Marta Bogdał

Django Carrots mentor

Marta claims that programming is a passion combined with patience and precision. She graduated from the The Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics (MIM), University of Warsaw and immediately began PhD studies at the Institute of Sciences (IPPT PAN).Her every day work consists in programming in Python, developing bioinformatics tools for sequence and image analysis.




Grzegorz Grasza

Code Carrots Mentor

Programmer, architect. „Always” a Python programmer. Started at Grono.net, built large classifieds vertical portals, in recent years dealt with products which help in detecting threats in computer networks. From 2014 works at Intel in OpenStack, where he covers upgradeability and High Availability topics.Heprefers the Erlangprogramming language.

Patryk Matyjasek

Code Carrots Mentor

Graduate Automatics and Robotics at GdańskUniversity of Technology. Since 2011 working at Intel in Gdańsk. He starts as an Intern, and after internship he gets the job as Software Engineer. His interests are sports, and books reading. He likes meeting new people and share knowledge, and experience with them.Met hiswife during programming lessons

Kasia Macioszek

Django Carrots mentor

Kasia, thanks to her parents-programmers has been encoding since she was a kid, first with the Logo turtle, then with fractals in Turbo Pascal, and so naturally it became her university studies and work. She is a C + + and Python programmer in Gemius. At night she has a break from the computer keyboard and goes jogging in the woods with a flashlight and a compass.


Łukasz Balcerzak

Djnago Carrots & Code Carrots mentor

Łukasz already as a nine-year-old kid started to programme in Logo – with time he moved from drawing with the turtle to J2EE technology, then decided to use the Python. He has gained professional experience in Telekom and in the meantime he obtained the engineer degree at PJIIT. Currently working in the uTest company.

Marcin Karkocha

Code Carrots Mentor

Marcin is a Python programmer who loves the principle of one method to achieve the goal. On a daily basis perfectionist in love with refactoring and design patterns. Practices in large projects using a variety of API technology. From time to time the inventor or co-founder of Open Sorce projects. Recently, an active participant in various conferences and workshops leading software. In his spare time he theorizes on creating their own programming language without defects. Currently helps build OpenStack, together with his team at Intel.

Jan Koprowski

Code Carrots Mentor

Graduated from faculty of Applied Physics and Mathematics. He taught Design Patterns and Advanced ProgrammingTechniquesbetween 2013 and 2014. Loves to be an educator. Likes to transfer knowledge and share it with othersEnjoys watching the results of his teaching.

Tomasz Kapela

Code Carrots Mentor

Graduated from the Electronics and Telecommunications department of the Technical University in Gdańsk. Educated in radio communication networks, but I am a software developer by choice and passion. I have been working at Intel for the last year on one of our Open Source research projects. Previously designed and prototyped hierarchical, mobile ad-hoc networks (MANETs).

Konrad Hałas

Django Carrots mentor

Graduated from the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology of Warsaw University of Technology. The subject of his thesis were: advanced testing techniques with the use of the Python language. Founder and organizer of the meetings of the Warsaw Python User Group – PyWaw. He works as a programmer, creating web applications using Django framework. He likes playing the guitar.

Zosia Ostoja-Starzycka

Django Carrots mentor

Our mentor is also Zosia Ostoja-Starzycka, a student of informatics at the University of Warsaw, author of the winning project of the 3rd edition of the Warsaw Startup Weekend – Application YourPerfectDress. ‚After hours’ she enjoys amateur horse riding.

Monika Mańkowska

Code Carrots Mentor

Monika has been interested in computers since her childhood. Because of that she chose to study Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science. While studying she attended a lot of conferences and took big and active part in accomplishing university projects. Also during that time she started her internship at Intel, where she automated tests of diagnostic tools for Ethernet cards in Python. Programming in Python was something new and exciting for her. This was when she discovered her passion for coding and today she takes part in local python and testing communities. Privately she is an enthusiastic ice skater, loves Minions and tasty food.

Jakub Bożanowski

Django Carrots mentor

He started programming as a kid, with simple programs in BASIC on an 8-bit Atari. Professionally he has worked with encoding for seven years, almost from the beginning in Python. He works as a Python / Django programmer in the Inter Cars in the Motointegrator project. He suffers from having too many interests. In his spare time he cooks, take a photos or  learns to pilot a glider.

Grzegorz Pstrucha

Django Carrots mentor

A programmer of MIM. He has been writing in python for two years, and has made several projects in django. He is a co-author of AppCodes and fis ascinated by mobile. In his free time he bakes muffins.

Krzysiek Figaj

Django Carrots mentor

Graduated in Informatics at the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology of Warsaw University of Technology. Has worked in Python for more than three years, using, among others, Django framework in his work in the company Smartupz.  In his spare time you can see him singing at the Dramatic Theatre or at the sports facilities of WAU.

Aleksander Trendak

Django Carrots & Code Carrots mentor

Aleksander has been programming ever since, but he started to work seriously with programming at the beginning of his informatics studies at the MIM – for three years. In his professional work he writes apps for Android and iOS. In his spare time reads books (fiction, political theory and philosophy, physics) and watches movies at film festivals.

Piotr Betkier

Django Carrots mentor

Piotr creates the Internet in the Allegro Group. Previously, he helped to search for the Higgs boson: he developed software for monitoring accelerators at CERN. He is related to world of Python and Java. He appreciates curiosity and the constructive laziness, or the desire to make an effort to transfer the greatest amount of work to the computer – important qualities that help you to be a good programmer.

Agnieszka Garwolińska

Code Carrots Mentor

Agnieszka Garwolińska for over two years is software validation engineer. Previously she designed houses and engineering constructions, performs scientific research in the field of soil mechanics and geotechnicsand teach students at several universities. She likes to create beautiful things and take on new challenges. Multitasking is her way of life –successfully keeps work and live balance –privately she is the proud mother of a five-year twin girls. In her career she was already a choir singer, a radio amateur and volunteer, and still loves to swim, sail and photograph. As a teenager because of a road accident was clinically dead and lost for a few months the possibility of memorizing and learning. Since then she lives live to the fullest and never stops enjoy of meeting new people, new ideas and new skills.

Bartosz Papis

Code Carrots mentor

Graduated from the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology at the Warsaw University of Technology, majoring in Information Systems Engineering. Currently dealing with issues of artificial intelligence in his PhD studies and works as an architect at the Transition Technologies SA. Interested in C #, Python, C + +, IA, Agile and machine learning issues.


Agnieszka Naplocha


Aga Naplocha works at Adobe as a Visual Designer and Front-end Developer. She graduated from Warsaw University of Technlogy. She’s eager learner, mobile apps enthusiast and huuuge foodie fan. Her design was featured in .net magazine. 

Ola Łapińska


Kamil Warpechowski


Kamil is JavaScript Developer. He worked for many financial company in Poland. Today he is Front End Team Leader in PZU. He is a programer html/css/javascript from five years. Privately he is studying on PJATK and he love bikes.

Dariusz Śmigiel

Code Carrots Mentor

Dariusz, optimistic programmer. He’s been gathering experience in Python for five years. Recently moved to 3city from Poznań. In his free time he strolls with wife and two dogs -Irish wolfhounds

Magdalena Wojtas


With two academic degrees in humanities and experience in publishing jobs, Magdalena started her adventure with IT in 2014. Now she is a junior front-end developer and co-foundress of e-publishing start-up.
She can’t imagine life without coffee and travelling North.

Paweł Koniszewski

Code Carrots Mentor

Final year student of computer science at the Technical University of Gdansk and for almost three years a software engineer at Intel. Cloud computing and new technologiesenthusiast. Professionally,he engaged in developing one of the largest open source projects in the world -OpenStack. In his free time he travels the world on two wheels.

Iwona Klimaszewska

Code Carrots Mentor

Graduated in Computer Science from Gdansk University of Technology, Firmware Engineer at Intel Technology Poland.Interested in distributed algorithms and self-stabilization in distributed systems. Personally -coffee geek, electronic music fan, loves to travel and adores Banksy’sstreet art.