Google Developers Day 2017 – report

Google Developers Days – sounds awesome, right? I had the pleasure to be a part of this event, which was held at 5th and 6th of September 2017 at ICE Kraków Congress Centre in Cracow, Poland. The summit last two days and was dedicated to developers and from what I observed, it’s main slogan, if it had any, would be „being developer is awesome – let’s make it even more awesome!”.

Google Developers Day 2017

I’ve chosen the Firebase path, combining most of the Firebase-themed lectures and trainings one after another. After first keynote, opened by Jason Titus (wow!) and other speakers (Oppenheimer, Ma, Robinson, Galpin, Judd) was a sketch of what’s going on in there in general and was an introduction to the whole conference. I then went to the training about building a mobile application with Firebase – that was really intensive, especially for a newbie like me, but I somehow managed! You can find the step-by-step tutorial here:…/firebase-web/#0.

There were plenty of live coding sessions – really impressive! You could get more familiar with some Google Functions, like Google Cloud, on the dedicated lectures. Did you know that you can make your application fully serverless? Sounds cool, right?

Another thing: there were stands where you could literally touch the tech. Connecting Android Things and cute animals? Nice! Printing your face from selfie taken by a robot on little wheels? Whoa! Grabbing some info about Women Techmakers Warszawa and Google Certification Academy? Come on, girls, that’s too much! What if I told you that you could even build your own jewellery from old computer components? This is the new level of swag.

GDD 2017

How about using a tool that will make your Android and iOS app compatible and compiled? You don’t know Flutter yet? Wan’t to grab some knowledge? I’ve been to a training and again, it was pretty difficult, but the result was amazing. Check what it was all about here:

The most mysterious issue (at least for me) throughout the whole conference was Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Andrew Gasparovic held a very accessible lecture on this topic – check out his speech here:

If you’re interested in the topic, I’d strongly reccomend you to check out DeepMind. Juan Silveira spoke about the way DeepMind taught AI to play video games. Unbelievable? Check out our instagram to see, how Breakout skills can be improved in only couple of hours – from zero to hero!…

Workshops GDD 2017

The whole conference was one of the most positive events of this type that I’ve attended to. The conference’s spirit was buzzling with happiness. It literally looked like the rally of happy people  Everything was tiptop: the location, the organization, the schedule and agenda… No delays, everything’s working, friendly place and atmosphere, lovely food… couldn’t be better! That’s how Google does it, but we’re not surprised – after all, it’s THIS Google.

Get the access to all the videos, photos and resources here:

Thank you Google, that was amazing! 

Click HERE to see all the crappy photos I’ve taken during GDD 2017.

V. N.