Geek Girls Carrots Krakow

When: 27.06.2017   19.00 

Where: Pauza in Garden (Rajska 12)



Justyna Pindel – Bob the Builder of business strategies, BP of VP of Brand & Pandas mom @Prismake. Every day she creates and implements marketing, branding and PR strategies. Passionate about designing educational games and business workshops. She’s ‚experienced’ over 400h of trainings organized, 100% of satisfaction and hundreds of cups of coffee.  A big fan of Lean Methodology and UX freak.
Topic: The day, when I learned Java and JS are not the same thing. 


Justyna Skowyra  –  a pharmacist interested and involved in new technologies that make medicine better, faster and safer. 3D printing enthusiast. She owns her very own 3D home printer for experiments. Justyna is also an author of many scientific publications on the topic of using the 3D printing methods for personalization of the doses of medicine for small patients. After she had returned from the scholarship in the UK, she noticed that there was no place where experts in medical 3D printing could exchange knowledge so she started the Printed Health – a conference and a company that facilitates implementation of the fast production tech at medical institutions. Her ‚love affair’ with medicine also gave start to the MEDmeetsTECH- an event that connects business, science, new technologies and medicine. She loves water and rocket sports.
Topic: What to print next in 3D? Maybe a liver?