Personal and organisational changes at Geek Girls Carrots

zarzad fundacji carrots

Ilona Skarbowska and Amanda Waliszewska are going to replace Kamila Sidor as CEO of the biggest Polish organisation that promotes women in IT.

The changes concerning managing issues of the Geek Girls Carrots organisation are going to come into force on 8 May 2017. Co-founder and CEO of the project, Kamila Sidor, has decided to leave her position. The decision has been made because of her starting new, educational project with Wysokie Obcasy – The Academy of Wysokie Obcasy.

Kamila Sidor has become the founder of the foundation, which is going to continue the work of the Geek Girls Carrots organization compatible with Carrots mission.

The best prize for building the Geek Girls Carrots community is a message from a woman that started to believe in herself because of us, Carrots, learned programming and got a new, interesting job. Progress, which was gained through over 5 years is going to be continued and developed by women, who are in some way pupils of  Carrots – says Sidor. – This project has been my biggest professional challenge so far, but I’m not going to stop. I am planning next projects that aim to develop and widen the access to the modern education with the usage of the internet.

The President of the Carrots foundation is going to be Ilona Skarbowska, the Vice-President: Amanda Waliszewska. UX specialist, Ilona Skarbowska, has been connected with Carrots since 2015. She has been organizing programming workshops – Code Carrots, technological meetings – Carrots Meetups, and for over a year she was in charge of the Carrots net development. She was a Head of HR as well.  Now I can see how many doors has opened for me because of participating in the development of the organisation. Those opportunities helped me in my career and accelerated gaining the required experience – says Skarbowska. By being a president of the Carrots Foundation I’ll be able to make more women uptake the road that I’ve been through.

A  vice-president Amanda Waliszewska is a programmer, blogger and lawyer is in Geek Girls Carrots for over three years now, mostly as a Head of Social Media. She has been representing the organization in TV, radio and other media. Geek Girls Carrots changes shy, lost women into confident programmers. I went through this road as well. Three years ago I probably wouldn’t believe that I am going to promote from the participant of the meetings to the vice-president of the whole organization. Now I know that this is the only way I can show my gratitude towards the whole community of the Carrots for the things that I was able to accomplish in such a short time – says Amanda Waliszewska. Her words about the vision and plans she wants to embody in the future: The most ambitious, capable and intelligent women tend to meet once a month in several dozens of cities throughout Poland. If one day they decide to take over the world, I’m here to help them. Carrots don’t know the impossible word. My role is to ensure they will never forget about it.

Geek Girls Carrots, aka Carrots, is a community of women in IT. The mission of the organization is to attracting women to tech. It has started in 2011 in Warsaw and since then it has evolved into an international organization, that organizes technical meetups, programming workshops and promotes women in IT. Geek Girls Carrots has realised its projects in 33 cities and 15 countries over the world. The community currently unites 30 000 people in Poland and abroad. Since May 2017, the project is going to be turned into a foundation. The co-founder of the project is Kamila Sidor, who has been prized many times for her social work both in Poland and abroad.

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