Carrots technologic challenge


It’s time to move on and learn something new! Let’s spend april learning new technologies or perfecting something we already know. Using carrots power of networking we can gain new experiences and skills.

April carrots technologic challenge

1. Define your aim. What can and want you to learn during this month? Set one precise aim. (It will be ok when it will go faster than a month – you can find then something new.)

2. Present your aim on the event and find a person who has similar plans. It doesn’t have to be the same subject. You don’t have to be on the same level and even don’t have to live in the same city. Your common task will be to get to know each other, motivate and support. You should control other person’s results. Thanks to it you can get better results!

3. Define the prize you get from yourself. Additional motivation can help 🙂

4. Take a sheet of paper and write steps which you have to do to realize your aim. Split the task into small parts. It will help realizing it and you’ll define it more precisely. Do you know what should you do? If not, ask google. Write there stuff you want to learn and take the first tutorial, blog and realize it’s materials. Do not spend too much time finding perfect tutorial. Ideal doesn’t exist.

5. Work! Try to spend at least 15 minutes everyday to realize your aim. Check your partners results regulary and share your successes and problems. Use this event the most you can! Remember, it will bring you 30 days closer to the aim. Time will run anyway.

How will we help you?
We’ll try to inspire and motivate you. We’ll share advices and encourage you to share your results in public. We will helb you finding the way to learn new skills. But remember, no motivational quotes, no pep talks will realize your task.

Check our event and learn something new with us!