Workshop Design Thinking – WrocLOVE GGC


What: Workshop on Design Thinking

Where: DataArt Office, plac Grunwaldzki 23, Wrocław

When: 18.03.2017, 10:00 – 16:00

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Design Thinking is a response to new ideas, creating new solutions and solving problems – in a one word – approach to innovation.

Design Thinking is based primarily on the needs of human – the starting point for the whole process is the observation, what are the real needs of a typical recipient (needs of a product or service), which are to be created in the process. Even more – the needs are supposed to be deposited in a typical receiver reality, in which the product or service will be used.

During the workshop you will know the basics of DT and will design a certain product in several project teams. Since each of the stages of our work can be carried out using various methods, inevitably during the workshop only some of them will be applied. The workshop will contain also the theoretical introduction, during which you will receive sources, from which you can get a much broader range of methods. At the end of the workshop, accordingly to the methodology, you will create prototypes of solutions, which will be pre-tested by potential customers. A lot of engaging work waits for you. Feel invited!


Agnieszka Pełka-Szajowska

agnieszkaAgnieszka is related to professional marketing for over 15 years, specializing in business psychology and branding. She helps to create. She is also a business trainer, mentor and advisor. After working hours she works in the “Garaż” foundation and sails. She likes to read a lot, be (effectively) surprised and expand her horizons.


Piotr Szajowski

piotrfot. Łukasz Bera /

Graduate of mathematics. Passionately involved in many different areas, using his many years of management experience. Among others, originator and founder of the “Garaż” foundation – an organization that has been working for several years in the area of support for taking the challenge of starting the own entrepreneurial adventure. Professionally – project manager.