Geek Girls Carrots Zurich #4


When: Tuesday, 17th January, at 6:30 pm, 2017
Where: Impact Hub, Viaduktstrasse 93-95, 8005 Zurych

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Language: Meetup held in English


18:30 – Introduction

18:45 – Joanna Laskowska ‚From a wanna – be archaeologist to the IT specialist’

19:10 – Olga Motovilova „The Path from Banking to Exoskeletons”

19:35 – Gabriela Schweikert „8000 Windows PCs at your fingertips”

20:00 – Jessica Fabrizi „The Ten Commandments of Networking”

20:10 – Networking

About Joanna Laskowska: Joanna will talk about her path — starting from an archaeology student, through the software tester to the product analyst, who is designing and coordinating the development of the applications used during flight operations.
„Aviation is a very specific environment to work with. Its main characteristic is a very conservative approach to the technology, followed by strict regulations coming from a various authorities around the world.”
13 years ago she began her journey as an archaeology student at the University of Warsaw. She was in need of a paid job to afford more expensive, yet more interesting excavations. A job opportunity opened to work in a call centre, providing technical support for the customers of the biggest ISP in Poland. That pushed her into the IT world.
Currently, Joanna is a part of the project providing a simple to use navigation aid application for the pilots of major airlines in Europe.
Joanna will tell you about:
– Her first encounter with IT
– How she started working in the IT helpdesk
– How she moved to become a software tester and thereafter product analyst.
– About how important the knowledge and experience from non IT related fields is
– How earning international certificates helps a person to start
– And at the end she’d like to speak a little about cooperation between different teams within one company and how this is crucial for a project to succeed.
– And something about good practices in testing.

About Olga Motovilova: Olga is the co-founder and COO of noonee AG, citizen of the world and promoter of entrepreneurship. Together with the noonee Team, she is working at building an epicenter of Wearable Ergonomic Mechatronic Devices in Switzerland. The team are the creators behind the Chairless Chair a wearable lower-limb exoskeleton that enables the users to sit whenever they want to while being able to freely walk around with the device. The main application is to provide this ergonomic support to assembly line employees, that work standing all day long. First startup experience Olga gained with the project TaskyTown (a platform enabling students to earn pocket money) while studying Business Administration and Banking & Finance at the University of Zurich. During this time she was also working at Rothschild Bank Züri.

About Gabriela Schweikert: „There are more than 8000 PCs at the UniSpital Zurich and about 500 software programs that need to be installed on them. In this talk I will give a short description about challenges and solutions when deploying software at such a scale. Also, I will speak about why being “invisible” (users don’t notice your work) actually means that you are doing your job well.” Gabriela got a master’s degree in electical engineering from the University of Niš, Serbia, and started her career as Unix system administratorin her hometown. Seeking for a bigger challenge, she moved to the ETH Zürich to extend her knowledge and experience in system engineering. She worked with a group of young and ambitious engineers on a project called „Real men don’t Click”. The goal was to make Windows scalable to big deployments using automation instead of GUIs. That was quite a challenge, not only because of being a woman in the „real man” group, but also because Windows ist not quite so easy to manage. The project was a big success, and influenced significantly Gabriela’s future work. At the ETH she also meet her future husband with whom she has now 2 sons, aged 8 and 10. She is now working at the UniSpital Zürich, and is responsible for the management of all workplace installations.

About Jessica Fabrizi:
Jessica Fabrizi is an Italian PR executive working in Zurich for a premium airline. Her profession and lifestyle are all about networking. On 17th January, she will present her learnings, which she distilled in „The Ten Commandments of Networking”.